Beautiful Houses In Nigeria: Your Guide To Posh Life!

Nigeria is a homeland to some of the richest people on the whole continent. Most of all, these people are businessmen and entertainers. And, as a rule, these people build very expensive and beautiful mansions in Nigeria for their families.

These houses are so attractive, that they become «the examples» of best Nigerian house designs and architecture on the Internet and in the press.   

These mansions became the symbol of beauty and wealth, refinement and real architectural art.

Well, it’s pointless to speak about these architectural miracles – you better check out these photos of the most beautiful houses in Nigeria yourself!

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Nigerian house designs and architecture

1. Modern house designs in Nigeria

Today, architecture is a real art, as well as it was yesterday and as it will be tomorrow!

The development of the art of architecture gave us a chance to start creating a large variety of astounding house designs. Here are the TOP 5 modern house designs in Nigeria:

1.1. Best bungalow designs in Nigeria

These houses are extremely popular not only in Nigeria, but in the whole world. There are many reasons for that, and the most important of them are the simplicity of building process and the low building price.

More than that, a quality bungalow is the perfect way to live a modest, but high quality and comfortable life!

A 4-bedroom bungalow has a lot of space, is an amazing option for a large family with many children, and looking at the latest bungalow designs in Nigeria, you will definitely want to settle in such a comfortable home!

bungalow designs in Nigeria

Check out these beautiful bungalows in Nigeria:

Pictures Of 4 Bedroom Bungalow House Plans In Nigeria

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1.2. Best Duplex designs in Nigeria

If you want to know what it feels like to live in a duplex, imagine you are living in two flats simultaneously!

The house plan embraces a pair of independent entrances into each flat, and usually, each of them has two floors. In a whole, duplex houses are so huge and comfortable, that they are considered as the best choice for a big family.

beautiful house designs in Nigeria

1.3. Beautiful mansions in Nigeria in contemporary style

If you are the most beautiful house in Nigeria, pay special attention to the so-called houses of contemporary style!

These houses have extremely original and unusual designs, so if you are ready to try something exclusive, give this solution a try – and you will be able to turn all your fantasies about the perfect house into reality!

modern house designs in Nigeria

1.4. Beautiful mansions in Nigeria

It is clear that if you decide to buy a mansion, you are moving into a big house. But not all of us clearly understand how huge it may be!

Well, huge houses with amazing design are usually located in prestigious areas and they are outrageously expensive! In fact, such houses are built to show your wealth.  

In addition, they are often being sold with a large piece of land. There are plenty of rooms for a whole big family, personnel and guests in this house.

beautiful mansions in Nigeria

1.5. Unique Nigeria building design: the glass houses

This unique type of modern design is perfect for a home that is situated in a big open space with breathtaking sights around. The main feature these houses have is large glass panel walls. Usually, they decorate the living room.

Ordering the ultramodern bed designs in Nigeria is a great way to emphasize the stylish bedroom interior of such a house.

best bungalow designs in Nigeria

2. The most beautiful mansions in Nigeria owned by celebs

2.1. Aliko Dangote’s house in Abuja

Although one of the richest men on the country likes to live the quiet and modest life, he own one of the most beautiful houses in Abuja!

As some people claim, his house costs more than $30 million and has a large hall, luxurious reception room for the «big» guests, ultramodern kitchen, stylish home office, large bathroom and comfortable bedroom. It is not the biggest house in Nigeria, but the largest one in Abuja for sure!

beautiful houses in Abuja

2.2. P-Square’s house

If you want to see a breathtaking Nigeria building design, you should definitely visit Banana Island! Many rich people prefer to settle here. Since a great attention is paid to monitoring the environment, this place is the land of perfect roads, well-groomed lawns, green plants and… amazing buildings!

That’s why the Okoye brothers have bought the property here, that cost them about N500 millions. The visitors are always greatly impressed both by exterior and interior of the mansion.

beautiful house in Nigeria

2.3. Folorunsho Alakija’s Mansion

The 4th most expensive residential building in the whole world, Folorunsho Alakija’s mansion, priced at $700 millions is, maybe, the most beautiful house in Nigeria that is owned by a beautiful woman!

This breathtaking piece of modern architectural art is situated in Ikoyi, Lagos. Built by a German constructor, Julius Berger, the house has a special design and… it is a quite good hideout since it is bullet proof!

the biggest house in Nigeria

2.4. Mike Adenuga’s House

Mike Adenuga, one of the few Nigerians that are on Forbe’s list of the richest men of the world is another resident of Banana Island, and his house considered as one of the most beautiful houses in Lagos.

This piece of luxury costs about N8 billion. You think is it too much for a house? Well, take a look at his mansion and you will understand the reasons why it is so expensive.

The house occupies 3 hectares of land. Adenuga’s estate includes nine stunning duplexes. The house has 8 apartments for his family members, for the visitors and their family members.

There’s a great tall building made of concrete and glass just nest to the central mansion; it is covered with glass and golden reflective and is clearly visible from far away.

There are plenty of conveniences in this building complex, such as gigantic meeting hall, small church, berth for yachts, mosque, breathtaking indoor swimming pool, car park and even a heliport!

beautiful houses in Nigeria

2.5. Linda Ikeji’s mansion

This notorious and super-famous celebrity, the talented blogger and an extraordinary businesswoman have created one of the most beautiful house designs in Nigeria.

She was always dreaming to live in the posh place like that! The mansion costs N500 million. The pictures speak for themselves!

Nigerian house designs and architecture

3. Nigeria house plan design styles

Nigeria House Plan Design Styles


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