Best Powder For Oily Skin In Nigeria

The problem of oily skin is one of the most common beauty issues for women in Nigeria. We all have our own ways of resolving this problem, but the most helpful solution has always been the variety of mattifying beauty products available today.

Powders, foundations, and concealers do an excellent job of hiding the skin imperfections and helping us achieve a flawless look. Find out what is the best powder for oily skin in Nigeria right now!

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1. Milani Compact Mineral Powder

The US is one of the leading cosmetics manufacturers in the world, so when it comes to the best powder for oily face, you can expect a US product to fit your needs.

Milani Compact Mineral Powder was designed for all skin types, but it is definitely a holy grail for oily skin. This powder combines the ideal full coverage properties with the ability to keep your face matte for as long as you’re wearing.

The wide variety of shades will help you find the one that perfectly matches your complexion, and the convenient packaging allows you to safely take your Milani powder anywhere.

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2. Zaron Face Palette

Zaron is a makeup brand that was created specifically for Nigerian ladies, so you can rest assured it is the perfect solution for all of your skin problems.

There are many awesome beauty products in Zaron’s lineup, but the most noteworthy is the Face Palette, which is a collection of 16 foundations and powders.

If you’re looking for the best powder for oily skin, you’re guaranteed to find it in the Zaron palette, as their range of shades will let you find your ideal one or mix two shades together to achieve a stunning look.

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3. Black Opal Oil Absorbing Powder

When you’re searching for the best foundation for oily skin in Nigeria, you want it to be good at one main thing: to absorb the oil and keep that impeccable matte finish.

Black Opal Oil Absorbing Powder does exactly what you want it to do. This loose powder is translucent, which means you need to apply it over your favorite foundation.

Thanks to being exceptionally lightweight, Black Opal powder gives your face the coveted matte look without making it look too cakey or drying out the skin, which is great if you’re going for more natural makeup style.

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4. BMPRO Pressed Powder

In case you are looking for a face powder that can be worn on its own, without a layer of foundation underneath, try BMPRO Pressed Powder.

Available in a dozen of great shades for chocolate skin, this powder gives you full coverage, which means you can create a beautiful makeup look with nothing but your daily moisturizer and a layer of pressed powder.

This powder works with any brush, makeup sponge, or beauty blender, allowing you to experiment with finishes and coverage.

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5. Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Powder

Maybelline is one of the most famous makeup brands in the world with a huge range of products designed for oily skin, but the Fit Me Matte & Poreless Powder is one of the latest and most noteworthy makeup products for oily face.

This powder not only gives your face a long-lasting matte finish, but also minimizes the appearance of the pores, making your face look flaw-free both live and in photographs. Its ability to absorb oil up to 12 hours makes it one of the best choices for oily skin.

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