Top 5 Crochet Braids Hairstyles You Will Love

Crochet braiding was a popular hair styling technique in the 90s, but recently it has made a comeback and has been popular ever since.

What made it so popular is a variety of crochet braids hairstyles and all the possibilities it opens to experimentation, while keeping your hair intact and safe. So, if you want to figure out, how to make crochet braids and which style to choose, you’re just in the right place.

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To make crochet braids you’ll need hair extensions and crochet hooks. The most common method of making them (at least, starting with) is to make cornrows with your hair and then use crochet needle to knot them with hair extensions.

After this procedure, your hair will be secured and you’ll be able to do whatever you want with your hairstyle. Here are a few ideas for the crochet styles.

1. Smooth long hair

If you are tired from your curly hair styles, but you don’t want to damage your own hair with heat, this option is just for you. It may be not the most traditional use crochet braids, but it is an original one, and it looks just great.

2. Wavy curls

Long wavy hair creates a very feminine and romantic look. If you want to know, how to do crochet braids like this, the answer is simple – keep your hair well-moisturised and braid your hair very evenly before applying the extensions.crochet braids

3. Thick twisted braids

Also known as rope twists for obvious reasons, this hairstyle creates an illusion of very dense and healthy hair. To make them, you need to twist the hair extension around your loose natural hair.

This way the extensions will look really natural and will be able protect your hair for a long time.Thick twisted braids Thick twisted braids

4. Spiral coil curls

This one of the crochet braids hairstyles looks very free, young and liberating. Usually long curls underline the features of your face and create a stylish, fabulous look you won’t want to change any time soon.crochet braids hairstyles

5. Multicoloured styles

Crochet braids in Nigeria are great to try a new hair colour without really having to dye it. But you can even create a multicoloured original look, that will definitely attract attention of those around you.

5.1. Colourful braids

This style is the subtlest of a bunch. It creates a feel of a few coloured locks, woven together with the hair of the natural colour.

It will only add a touch of new colour, but, nevertheless, will not feel boring and will add playfulness to your style.Colorful braids

5.2. Dyed hair ends

This style is much more bright and distracted. You will definitely be able to understand, how this new colour feels for you and whether or not you want to try it for your natural hair.

Making a gradient will create a visually seamless transition between colours, which will make your look even more intriguing.Dyed hair ends

5.3. Layered colors

Now, this style is really daring and original, it requires quite a bit of preparation, but it’s totally worth it! The more contrasting the layers are, the better the final look will be.

Build the style of your clothes in accordance to your hair to create the finished look.crochet braids nigeria

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