The Most Developed States In Nigeria You Will Love To Live In

Nigeria is considered to be an emerging market and a country that is expected to soon become among the biggest economies in the world. Until that happens, Nigeria continuously develops and improves, but this process is uneven.

Some states and capitals in Nigeria are really developed, with strong infrastructure and high standard of living. Others are really underdeveloped, with bad economy and high unemployment level. But which is the most developed state in Nigeria? Let’s find that out.

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1. Lagos

Lagos is really one of the richest and, thus, one of the most developed states in the country. Most of it is thanks to the Lagos City – an important economic and political center in Nigeria.

Lagos State overall has a lot of relatively big cities with a great infrastructure in them and in between them. If you want to check it out by yourself, you can easily find a house for rent in Lagos on Jiji.

2. Anambra

Anambra is a state, known for having the lowest poverty rate in all the country. Furthermore, in recent years it has become highly urbanized – more than 60% of people are living in cities.

Although infrastructure has been a problem here for a long time, right now it is rapidly improving thanks to the Structural Plans. Anambra also has a great level of education and literacy, which really is an indicator of a developed state.

3. Rivers

Another highly urbanized state, Rivers is a major center for both oil production and agriculture. It offers a great infrastructure, as there are a lot of air and sea ports for out-of-state transportations and pretty good roads for inland transitions.

Port Harcourt, one of the most developed cities in Nigeria, is a capital of this state, and some of the major trade deals are being made there.

4. Abia

Abia is another one of the top 10 most developed states in Nigeria, and what differs it from all others is an amount of different industries you can find there.

Except for oil production and agriculture, an important part of state’s GDP is formed by textile, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastic and many other manufacturers.

5. Enugu

This state is less busy – most of it is agrarian, but it is really calm and comfortable to live in. It has a steady supply of water and electricity and it is not as polluted as the states, mentioned before. Furthermore, it has a great educating system – Enugu is a home of the first indigenous university in Nigeria.

There are also a number of places you can get a degree at, most notably – State University of Science and Technology (ESUT). So, if you want to take care of the future for your kids, try one of the houses for rent in Enugu.

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