Short Ankara Dresses: Playful And Trendy

With a never-ending popularity of Ankara fashion, no one is surprised by the variety of Ankara dresses available today. You can find casual and sophisticated dresses, mermaid gowns, long and flowing dresses, and, of course, short Ankara dresses.

Short gown styles are so diverse that you can easily pick your ideal silhouette based on your body shape and preferences. See which short Ankara gowns are in vogue right now!

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1. A-line dresses

In case you’re looking for latest Ankara short gown styles that can fit any body type and look good in every setting, try a loose-fitting A-line dress. These dresses have a rather loose shape and are very flattering to any figure.

A-line Ankara dresses, like many other Ankara short gowns, can be a great addition to your casual wardrobe. These dresses look good with heels, but with flats and sneakers, you can create an even more trendy and fun outfit.

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short ankara dresses

short ankara dresses styles

2. Bodycon dresses

If you’re going for a bombshell look, then one of the Ankara short gown styles you definitely need to try is a bodycon dress. This type of dress is rather tight and hugs every curve of your body, which is an ideal choice of a dress when you want to make a lasting impression.

Bodycon Ankara short gown styles 2017 work best as daytime wear – you can easily incorporate them into your office wardrobe. And when you want to rock your bodycon Ankara gown on a night out, simply throw over a dressy blazer and put on some killer heels!

ankara short gowns

short gown styles

ankara short gown styles 2017

3. Flare dresses

Out of all dress styles available today, Ankara short flare gowns are probably the most traditional and feminine choice. These dresses have a beautiful silhouette with a short yet flowing skirt and look majestic both in photos and in real life.

There is, perhaps, no occasion where you couldn’t wear your flared Ankara dress. Going out with friends, shopping, spending time with your family, attending a wedding or a birthday party – your short Ankara flare dress will be one of the best things you add to your closet.

Ankara short flare gowns

latest ankara short gown styles

latest ankara short gown

4. Mermaid dresses

If you’re on a search for the latest Ankara short gown, try a mermaid dress. Mermaid gowns started out as floor-length dresses and can be often seen on celebrities during red carpets and movie premiers. However, a short mermaid dress is quite trendy today as well!

A mermaid short Ankara gown looks more sophisticated and formal than a typical short dress, which means that is can be successfully worn to all kinds of occasions, including the most formal ones. Pair your mermaid gown with a pair of beautiful pumps for a complete look.

Mermaid dresses

ankara dresses

5. Family dresses

If you want to flaunt your Ankara dress together with your little one, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect outfit for your daughter or son. Kid’s dresses and suits made from the same fabric as the mom’s gown are a great way to showcase your family style and your love for short Ankara dresses styles!

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