Dakore Akande Fashion Styles You Will Love

Dakore Akande is a beloved Nigerian actress with over 50 movies in her portfolio, philanthropist, and ambassador of numerous international charities and organizations. However, her achievements in fashion shouldn’t be ignored.

Over her career, Dakore Akande has worn hundreds of fabulous outfits, both for red carpet outings and everyday occasions. Check out the top 7 examples of Dakore Akande fashion right now!

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1. Striped dress

This dress could easily look shapeless on anyone with a weaker sense of style, but Dakore took the gown and elevated it to high fashion. The irregular shape of this blue and navy striped dress has a fun marine feel about it, the red booties couldn’t complement the outfit better, and the sparkly clutch bag is the perfect way to finish off this daring look.

2. Purple and gold dress

When the event calls for an elegant and sophisticated outfit, Dakore Akande surely knows her way around fashion. The combination of purple and gold is one of the most exquisite pairings, and these two colors look just sublime for Dakore’s complexion. Fans instantly fell in love with the wooden clutch the actress chose for this look, and the earrings are equally fabulous.

3. Floral gown

If anyone knows how to style the perfect summer outfit, it’s Dakore Akande! Her lightweight floral mid-calf dress is so cute that anyone would feel lucky to wear it. In order to avoid making the whole look too simple, Dakore chose a gorgeous statement necklace and elegant shoes that won’t let her go unnoticed. Dakore Akande dreadlocks, arranged in a neat bun, are the ideal hairstyle for this look.

4. Pink asymmetric dress

It’s safe to say that not many people in Nollywood wear high fashion gowns as good as Dakore Akande. This asymmetric pink gown is, without a doubt, a very complicated garment, and the embroidery on the lower part of the dress adds to the sophisticated feel of the look. The navy blue shoes finish off the dress in the coolest way possible.

5. Navy blue dress

For one of the latest events, Dakore Akande chose a Victorian navy blue dress. This is a classic dress style that would look awesome in any situation, and Dakore wears it like the fashion queen she is. The white bow and detailing on the dress add an elegant contrast to the outfit, and the burgundy heels are a great finishing touch.

6. Purple cape dress

Without the extra detailing this floor-length bodycon purple dress would look slightly basic, but we all know Dakore Akande style has never been basic. That is why she went for a dress with a cape, which has been the hottest red carpet trend of 2017. The beaded belt shows off Dakore’s heritage and respect for her culture.

7. White pantsuit

Even though Dakore Akande is a big fan of dresses, she loves an occasional pantsuit. This crisp white pantsuit is the ideal outfit for a summer event: it’s crop top cut and loose-fitting top are relaxed and lightweight enough for a daytime occasion, while the striking jewelry and perfect locks are what makes this look as exquisite as it is.

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