Top Makeup Brands In Nigeria

Even though international makeup brands are fairly popular with Nigerian ladies, the best makeup products in Nigeria are surely the ones that were made by local brands.

No one understands your beauty needs like a Nigerian makeup brand, which is why it’s always best to go local while shopping for new makeup. Here are top 5 brands you can trust!

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1. Zaron Cosmetics

Nigerian women of color can’t get enough of this brand, which made it the fastest growing makeup company in Nigeria. The company, whose CEO is Oke Maduewesi, knows exactly what kind of products and which shades women are looking for.

Zaron Cosmetics launched in September 2011 and has UK roots, although the production currently takes place in Lagos.

Their lineup of makeup products includes eyes, lips, and face makeup, as well as useful accessories for the perfect application of makeup.

2. YangaBeauty

YangaBeauty is one of the youngest beauty companies, but it’s quickly becoming one of the top makeup brands in Nigeria. Their best known product is BrowLution, an innovative product for shaping and defining your eyebrows to achieve that coveted Instagram look.

Other popular makeup products by YangaBeauty include lip creams, which come in matte and metallic finishes, as well as beauty accessories – for example, a beauty blender designed for the flawless application of foundation.

3. Sleek Studio

The best Nigerian brands that produce cosmetics are usually the ones with a versatile product lineup. The Sleek Studio brand offers not only high quality makeup products, but also wigs and weaves required for the most stunning look.

The range of makeup items by Sleek Studio is mostly famous for products that give you the ideal complexion, which include foundations, powders, bronzers, concealers, highlighters, and sculpting palettes, as well as highly pigmented eyeliners and liquid lipsticks.


When it comes to the best cosmetic brand in terms of quality, BMPRO certainly takes the cake. Originally, this brand launched with just 14 products in their makeup line, but after they instantly sold out and received positive reviews, the brand continued to expand their business.

Today you will find over 60 makeup products in a BMPRO store. There are high quality primers, foundations, powders, makeup fixing sprays, beautiful eyeshadow palettes, blushes and cheek tints, eyeliners and eyebrow products, and a whole variety of lip makeup, from glosses to matte lipsticks.

5. Elsas PRO

This makeup brand is one of the latest additions to the beauty market of Nigeria, having launched just in 2016. However, their makeup line is so extensive that you can find anything you need to create a pretty makeup look.

While there are many products from elsas PRO you need to check out, the ones that caught our attention are single eyeshadows, which are represented in every shade imaginable. There are also cream eyeshadows, which are super easy to apply and stay on your eyes for the whole day.

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