Wedding Colours And Their Meanings: The Fullest Guide To Your Future Together!

Gone are these days when brides were restricted in choosing amazingly colored wedding dresses! Today, ladies tend to choose such bold colours as blue, green, yellow, silver and even black creating a beautiful multicolor traditional Nigerian wedding!

But when choosing from latest wedding colours you should remember, that each colour has its special symbolic meaning that can reflect the mentality of the young couple and its vision of the future marriage.

So, before you go and buy your perfect coloured wedding dress, check out these wedding colours and their meanings in Nigeria!

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wedding colours and meaning

1. Red wedding dresses

This beautiful, bright and bold colour symbolizes crazy passion and love. While this color symbolizes health and strength, its various shades may have their own meanings. For instance, a combination of red and orange means pleasure and desire, dark red symbolizes power and courage, light red stands for sensitivity and joy.

If lady chooses red color dress, then you can say that she is quite optimistic, enthusiastic and confident person. Though, ladies who love this color might be a little impulsive and outgoing. Some people believe that red color symbolizes the future quarrels between the newlyweds.

It is quite interesting that if the bride is pregnant at the moment she gets engaged, red color symbolizes the protection for a baby. Anyway, choosing a red scheme for the whole wedding is quite a rare option.

red wedding dresses

Take a look at these magnificentred and white wedding dresses:

Red & White Wedding Dress – The Color Red

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2. Pink wedding dress meaning

Pink color symbolizes beauty, pureness, happiness and whimsicality.

When it comes to weddings, pink colour combination dresses are often chosen by quirky, funny and even artistic ladies. It is quite popular colour among the contemporary brides, especially affectionate ones that just love to feel secure and loved.

It is also believed that pink color brings long and happy relationships!

pink wedding dress meaning

3. Purple wedding dress meaning

Purple symbolizes the unity of two colors: the calming stability of the blue color and the powerful energy of the red one. For many centuries, purple was the favorite colour of royal families that symbolized prestige and nobility.

Combined with the gold color, purple stands for magnificence, wealth, and extravagance!

Check out these purple and lemon green wedding colours dresses that are in big trend now!

purple wedding dress meaning
purple wedding dress meaning
purple wedding dress meaning
purple and lemon green wedding colours
purple and lemon green wedding colours

4. Silver colour combination for dress

More and more often, modern brave ladies choose this interesting colour option as it makes them look wealthy, glamorous, elegant and contemporary.

Silver symbolizes encouragement and creates has a calming and soothing affect on morale.

wedding color ideas

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5. Peach colour combination for wedding

Peach is the «number two wedding colour» after the white as it is so tender and romantic! This color has a very warm aura that will help you to express feelings to your partner.

Aqua, cream, ivory, champagne, shrimp, pumpkin, coral, metallic, gold, purple, lilac, white will make a perfect colour combination for wedding, if you choose peach color as the main color of your wedding dress.

peach colour combination for wedding

Pink & Peach Wedding – Villa Siena – Melissa & JD ~ September 26, 2014

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6. White color for wedding

White is one of the best wedding colors that most brides adore – that’s a proven fact! But wouldn’t it be a little boring if the whole wedding ceremony colour scheme is white?!

That’s why so many couples mix it with the other matching colors, choosing multiple bright accessories.

The snow-white wedding dress stands for grace that God spills on the brand new family. Also, white color symbolizes innocence, purity, and lightness. White also means peace and simplicity.

If your lady loves white shades, it might mean that she is honest, shy, a bit stubborn and serious person!

best wedding colors

7. Orange colored wedding dresses

This warm colour is a combo of yellow and red. It stands for brightness, fun and warmth.

It is believed that orange color boosts the appetite. Also, it increases the oxygen supply to the brain, stimulating your mental activity. Usually, this option is chosen by most of the Nigerian couples.

And that’s why the weddings of young, enthusiastic, optimistic and fun-loving people are filled with orange color!

colour combination for dress

8. Grey wedding colours and meaning

Grey is not regarded as the best choice for the wedding ceremony colour scheme, because people believe it can lead to a quick divorce.

It is said that if the wedding is in grey tones, there’s a certain risk that the marriage may be short and deprived of energy, because this color symbolizes lack of emotions.

But keep in mind that these things may be just prejudices! In fact, grey color stands for neutrality, security and caution, so this might be a perfect choice for two reasonable young people.

Remember, that grey color also symbolizes readiness to compromise and maturity.

So, on the one hand, grey color represents people who are striving to achieve peace and balance in their lives; but, on the other hand, it may be a favorite colour of those personalities who like to suppress the others.

latest wedding colours

9. Green wedding color schemes

Green usually symbolizes health, fertility, growth, nature, peace, harmony, hope and balance. It makes people feel relaxed and healed, and it also builds trust; that’s why this is why many banks use green in their logos to draw the attention of the customers.

Also, it is the favorite color of cosmetic companies that suggest that their products are safe and natural.

wedding colours and their meanings

10. Yellow wedding color ideas

That’s simple: this warm, bright and sunny summer color is associated with the powerful energy of the sun. It creates a really warm, cheerful, welcoming and happy mood that will lift up the mood of your wedding guests.

If a person loves yellow, that means that he or she is a perfect communicator and makes decisions easily and quickly, – and that will really help you in the planning of your ceremony! 

But be careful in choosing too much yellow for your wedding ceremony, because it can cause anxiety and make your guests feel agitated.

colored wedding dresses

11. Golden colored wedding dresses

From the ancient times, golden colour symbolized wealth, prosperity and success.

It is believed that the golden wedding gown brings happiness and money in marriage. Similar to yellow, golden color stands for cheerfulness and brightness. If a person you love likes golden, he or she may turn out to have quite an extravagant, powerful and wise personality!

wedding color ideas

12. Blue wedding color ideas

There are several meanings of the blue color. Blue color alone symbolizes stability, freshness, but coldness in a relationship. When chosen for a wedding ceremony, blue might mean that the marriage can finish quite quickly ‘cause of the cold feelings of each partner.

But keep in mind that, similarly to grey, these can be just the old prejudices! In fact, blue color stands for softness, youth, compassion, spirituality, and tranquility. Blue represents sensitive, faithful and patient people, who can sometimes be too emotional and overcautious.

Blue color has many shades. Light blue that is often associated with emotional healing and inspiration, is preferred by soft and understanding people. Dark blue means intellectual power, knowledge, and seriousness.

Also, blue shade stands for masculinity, that’s why it is one of the most bellowed wedding colours chosen by Nigerian grooms’ families.

latest wedding colours

Check out these trendywedding colour combinations with blue:

Royal Blue Wedding Ideas

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13. Brown wedding color schemes

Brown color symbolizes wealth and stands for stable life, full of order and comfort.

If a person likes brown, then he or she may be kind, patient, steady, and not impulsive. As the blue color, brown is often chosen by Nigerian grooms as it is a masculine colour that represents stability and maturity.

best wedding colors

14. Black color for wedding

People may think that the black color is dull, but the modern brides more and more often tend to choose the black dresses. It all depends on your perception!

The meaning of black is quite controversial. Similar to white, black color is timeless and classic, so the trendy designer black dress will make you look stylish and elegant. But unlike white, black symbolizes minimalism, mystery, and perfection!

wedding colours and meaning

15. Latest wedding colours combinations ideas

Amazing Wedding Color Combinations ideas ( Part 1 )

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