Boubou Styles: Perfect For Church And More

Nigerian fashion is a unique combination of brand new trends and old traditions. Nigerian fashionistas are proud of their heritage, which is why their wardrobe always includes authentic styles – for example, boubou gowns.

Boubou styles fit perfectly into everyday wear, but they can also be worn on special occasion like Sunday visits to church. Check out the best Nigerian boubou dresses!

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1. What is a bubu gown?

If there is one thing that can be said about African boubou designs is that they are instantly recognizable even if you don’t know what they’re called. Lightweight fabrics, loose cut, wide sleeves, bold colours and beautiful embroidery are just a few things you’ll always see in bubu gown styles.

Nigerian boubou styles are beloved by ladies of all ages for their comfortable fit, ability to look flattering on any body type, and a variety of options that allow every woman to find the bubu dress that suits her perfectly.

2. Pattern and plain boubou dresses

Many of the latest bubu gown styles feature patterns and other colourful accents, but you also can’t go wrong with picking a classic – for example, one of plain bubu styles.

This gown is a perfect example of what beautiful Nigerian boubou styles look like. The flowing fabric and the breathtaking pattern are what makes this dress great.

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How to make a crisp white boubou even better? This lady knows the answer – add a pattern of a gigantic red flower to create a perfect dress.

The majority of Senegalese boubou designs are loose-fitting, but once in a while you will come across at tight-fitting boubou gown that highlights the best features of your figure.

Plain boubou styles are gorgeous on their on, but intricate embroidery takes them to the next level of fashion – like this hot pink gown with golden embroidered patterns.

A floral theme is one of the most common ones when it comes to patterned boubou gowns, and this sky-blue dress with adorable flowers is one of the best examples of this trend.

Sometimes senegalese dresses 2017 it takes to create a mesmerizing boubou design is a couple of beads and fringe detailing on a side of the gown – no wonder this dress has gotten so popular!

3. Lace and chiffon boubou styles

Plain and pattern boubou designs are great or everyday wear, but if you’re looking for the latest boubou styles for a special occasion, lace and chiffon should be your fabrics of choice.

Black lace is one of the classic fabrics for evening fashion, and this black lace boubou will definitely turns everyone’s eyes on you when you enter the room.

This purple chiffon gown would be gorgeous even without the decorations, but the sparkly rhinestone detailing is what makes it even prettier.

Here is a boubou dress that can be your ideal choice if you’re invited to a wedding. Purple lace looks both feminine and festive, which is a great fashion pairing.

If you’re not in a mood for dramatic colours and exquisite detailing, why not try a simple and delicate boubou? This white and blue chiffon gown is perfect for a breezy summer look.

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