How To Make Carrot Oil At Home

Carrot oil is one of the most versatile beauty remedies. It can be used in dozens of ways for your hair and skin and has the ability to solve all kinds of beauty problems.

Regular use of carrot oil helps you maintain your appearance without the expensive skin and hair products.

Carrot oil can be store-bought, but making your own is much more gratifying. Unlike many homemade remedies, carrot oil can be prepared very easily. Find out how to make carrot oil at home!

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1. Benefits of carrot oil

Carrot oil has numerous benefits, not only for the skin and hair but also for our whole bodies. However, in this article, we’re going to focus on what homemade carrot oil can do for your appearance.

  • Strengthens hair roots and promotes better blood circulation in your scalp
  • Minimizes the damage your hair gets from UV rays, pollution, and other factors
  • Improves the state of the hair, making it soft, manageable, and shiny
  • Makes your skin brighter, smoothing out any imperfections and dark spots
  • Acts as an antioxidant, ensuring the younger look of your skin

2. How to make carrot oil: the instant method

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a jar of how to make carrot oil without heat and experience its benefits for your beauty, you can use the following method, which doesn’t take more than a couple of hours to be completed and requires only two ingredients – carrots and carrier oil.

  1. Peel the carrots and grate them with a hand grater or use a blender to get medium-sized chunks.
  2. Add the grated carrots into your carrier oil – it can be coconut oil, almond oil, or any other vegetable oil you like.
  3. Make a water bath and heat the carrots and the oil until the oil turns orange and the carrots sink to the bottom.
  4. Drain the liquid into a clean jar. That’s it: your carrot oil is ready for use or to be stored in a cool place under a closed lid.

3. How to make carrot oil: the 2-week method

In case you’re not in a rush and want to find out how to make carrot oil in Nigeria the way our ancestors did it, here is an authentic recipe. The ingredients are the same – fresh carrots and a carrier oil, for example, coconut oil.

  1. Peel and grate the carrots with a grater or a blender.
  2. Put the carrots into a clean jar and pour in as much oil as needed to cover the carrots.
  3. Close the jar with a lid and place in a sunny place for two weeks.
  4. Shake the jar every day to make the oil more even.
  5. After two weeks, drain the oil into another jar and store in a cool place.

How to make carrot oil

4. Uses of carrot oil

Now that you know how to make carrot oil for skin lightening and other beauty purposes, check out some ways to use this legendary remedy.

  • Apply carrot oil whenever your skin is irritated or you are suffering from eczema or psoriasis outbreak.
  • Use carrot oil on your skin every day to achieve the lightening effect and maintain the young look of the skin.
  • After spending time in the sun without any protection, apply carrot oil to get rid of dehydration and minimize the damage from the sun.
  • Coat your hair ends in carrot after washing and let it soak into the hair before washing it out to regenerate your locks and get rid of split ends.
  • Apply carrot oil all over your body directly or make a carrot oil-based body lotion or cream for maximum efficiency.

How to make Carrot oil

Ingredients: Carrots Oliver oil Extra virgin coconut oil Almond oil (sweet Almond) Benefits of Carrot Oil: Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in the liver. Vitamin A is transformed in the retina, to rhodopsin, a purple pigment necessary for night vision.

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