Best Face Cream For Sensitive Skin

Best Cream For Dark Spot In Nigeria: Top 5 Proven RemediesFinding the best skin care products is difficult even when your skin doesn’t have any special needs. However, when your skin is sensitive and reacts to unsuitable products with breakouts, acne, rashes, and itchiness, it can be even harder to find a skin care routine that works. Find out what’s the best cream for sensitive skin in Nigeria right now!

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1. How to choose the best cream for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin requires a special approach to moisturizing. Here are some tips on how to find the best products for your skin’s needs:

  • When choosing the formula for your moisturizer, opt for a cream or lotion product rather than gels and oils: they are packed with valuable ingredients that can transform your skin. Oils, on the other hand, make the condition of your skin worse, and gels lack the replenishing ability of creams.
  • Look for moisturizers that contain as many natural ingredients as possible. Shea butter, argan oil, and aloe vera are just some of the ingredients that can help your sensitive skin.
  • Avoid skin care products that contain too many chemical ingredients like acids, antibacterial agents, and alcohol – they can be very harsh on your skin.
  • A good rule of thumb for choosing products for sensitive skin is to look for fragrance-free options.

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Best cream for sensitive skin in Nigeria

2. Top 5 creams for sensitive skin in Nigeria

These 5 skin care products are not only adored by Nigerian beauties for their effect, but are also either already available in Nigeria or can be easily shipped from overseas.

1. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

Cetaphil is a brand that is known for producing some of the best products for dry sensitive face in the market, and their moisturizing cream is one of their most popular products. This cream does exactly what it says on the label: it effectively moisturizes your skin and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or strong perfume that can cause your skin to break out.

Best cream for sensitive skin in Nigeria

2. Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer

People with sensitive skin swear by many Aveeno products – for example, their moisturizing body lotion that is so good for your skin that it can even be used on your face. Their Ultra-Calming daily moisturizer was formulated specifically for sensitive skin and can give you the cooling relief after your skin has been irritated by makeup or other skin care products.

Best cream for sensitive skin in Nigeria

3. Neutrogena Oil-Free Face Moisturizer

There are many Neutrogena products designed for sensitive skin, but this one is considered to be the best face cream for sensitive skin by many skin care experts and bloggers. With no fragrance and an ultra-gentle formula, this moisturizer will supply your skin with vital moisture without clogging your pores or causing rashes.

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Best cream for sensitive skin in Nigeria

4. Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer

In Olay’s lineup of skin care solutions, there is a product for every special need. The Complete All Day moisturizer has an oil-free formula and doesn’t contain any fragrance, which dramatically lowers the chance of breakouts. Plus, it contains SPF30 and effectively protects your sensitive skin against sun damage.Best cream for sensitive skin in Nigeria

5. Garnier Moisture Rescue Lotion

In many ways, this Garnier product for sensitive skin is similar to the Olay moisturizer. Both don’t contain any fragrance and have a lightweight oil-free formula. The Garner lotion also offers UV protection, but with SPF15, its protection time is twice as short as Olay’s SPF30 formula.

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Best cream for sensitive skin in Nigeria

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