How To Start A Cleaning Company In Nigeria

Every year, cleaning services become more and more popular not only for large companies but also among the ordinary people, the property owners. The growth of the welfare of people in large cities and an increase in the number of administrative, commercial and industrial areas had intensified the cleaning industry.

The cleaning companies that had managed to «catch the flow» and adapt their services and prices to the needs of customers, work 7 days a week!

Let’s find out how to start a cleaning company in Nigeria!

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how to start a cleaning business

1. How to start a cleaning business: the benefits

  • Low initial investment (in the initial stages, investments may be limited to the purchase of cleaning equipment);
  • Almost free-market niche;
  • The possibility of long-term cooperation with customers.

how to start a cleaning business in Nigeria

2. How to start up a house cleaning business: what services you can offer

The range of cleaning services you can offer is quite wide, but if your investments are limited, you won’t be able to purchase the expensive equipment.

At the initial stage, we recommend you to offer a few main services:

  • daily room cleaning;
  • general cleaning of premises;
  • cleaning after construction and repair;
  • furniture and carpet cleaning;
  • window cleaning;
  • housekeeper services.

how to start a cleaning business from scratch

3. How to start a cleaning business: how to attract customers

In order to find customers, you should use various promotion tools:

  • direct marketing will be effective in the corporate segment. In order to advertise your services, you will need to make the handouts. You can also make the cold calls to potential customers or send them a commercial offer;
  • advertising in the media is aimed at private clients. You can use an Internet ad or order short ads on the local radio;
  • advertising on bulletin boards, posts, near entrances, in elevators – all these ideas are aimed at private clients;
  • also, it is a good idea to create a website that allows your potential customers to explore the list of services and price list – this type of advertising can attract both corporate and private clients.

how to start up a house cleaning business

4. Starting a cleaning business checklist

4.1. Choosing the premises for a cleaning company

The cleaning company office does not require large premises. Sales office and storage space for all equipment will be enough so you will need to rent premises of about 40 sq.m.

Naturally, you can save money both at the office and the warehouse. For example, the manager can receive calls from home, and the equipment can be stored in the barn.

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starting a cleaning business checklist

4.2. How to start a cleaning business in Nigeria: the necessary equipment

All equipment can be purchased in specialized stores with good discounts.

You will need to purchase:

  • industrial vacuum cleaner;
  • floor-washer driers;
  • floor polishers;
  • professional dryer for drying carpets;
  • cleaning cart;
  • buckets on wheels;
  • detergents;
  • office equipment and windows washing kits;
  • steam cleaner;
  • sweeper;
  • uniform for your workers.

It is also recommended to purchase a truck.

how to start a cleaning company in Nigeria

4.3. How to start a cleaning business from scratch: staff recruitment

On average, a small cleaning company will need a staff of six employees:

  • one manager,
  • four cleaners,
  • one driver.

You will also need the services of an accountant, which you can take to outsource.

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how to start a cleaning business

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