How To Take Care Of Oily Skin During Summer

The questions about how to prevent oily face after applying makeup and how to stop face sweating in hot weather start concerning many ladies in summer. Besides those who have oily skin genetically, high temperatures and sunlight make more people bothered by how to control oily face.

On the one hand, oily skin is better protected from negative environmental influences – that makes it less prone to wrinkles and aging. On the other hand, it is more prone to inflammation and unhealthy glossy look. So how to take care of skin that is oily in summer?

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How to know you’ve got oily skin?

Oily skin is visually thicker. It looks shining, but rather unhealthy shiting, especially in the T-zone. The pores are enlarged. Ladies with oily skin often face difficulties with applying makeup. Keep in mind that scalp also needs special attention, not facial skin only.

How to take care of oily skin?

Although oily skin requires a bit different approach, the beauty routine remains usual: cleaning, moisturizing, and nourishment. Oily skin is also sensitive, just in a different way. It is prone to inflammation, this is why you should use special oil control products for face.


The skin doesn’t work the way we wish: the more you try to get rid of the skin oil, the more actively it is going to produce more oil. This is why using proper beauty products is so significant. Don’t use products with intensive cleaning effect.

You can use different mouses, gels, foams, etc. that should be washed with water afterward. Once in a week, you can do peeling for deep cleaning of the pores. The skin renovation becomes more active, the metabolism is boosted, and it looks better.


The function of the biological skin fat is to protect the skin from becoming too dry. Ironically, it starts to exfoliate when becoming too thick. Moisturizing is obligatory, so choose products on a watery base that won’t make the skin even more oily. You can also use moisturizing creams with a matting effect.

how to take care of skin

Is there a special care routine for summer?

  1. Clear your face twice a day.
  2. Use cold water for washing the face.
  3. Carry a pack of mattifying facial tissues, they will be helpful.
  4. Buy an alcohol-free toning lotion without SLS and SLeS components.
  5. Use a lotion several times during a day if you feel that the skin needs refreshment.
  6. Use creams, gels, etc. that have a light structure.
  7. Use night cream at least an hour before you go to bed.
  8. Alwаys give the fаce а dаb with а tissue аfter yоu wаsh оff the mаkeup.
  9. Chооse the lightest pоssible makeup for oily skin in summer, it will lооk neаt аnd feel fresh.
  10. Try tо аvоid using cоnceаlers оr use thоse fоr оily sheen cоntrоl.
  11. Mаte the skin with cоmpаct pоwder.
  12. Use the cream with SPF filter (15-30) before you go out.
  13. Use clay purifying masks every two days.

What else should I remember?

  • Don’t use hot water, it stimulates skin fat production.
  • Use sunscreen before going out, because the sun has the same effect hot water does.
  • Use makeup items that don’t contain alcohol, they make skin dry but not less oily.
  • Don’t use scrubs with abrasive particles, especially if you have pimples.
  • Mind your diet: eat less fried, spicy, and sweet foods.

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