Lenovo Unveils The World’s First Foldable PC

This week, during the highly anticipated Accelerate 19 event, Lenovo unveiled a device that is thought to be the world’s first foldable computer. The device will be launched as part of Lenovo’s premium Thinkpad X1 lineup of devices. Find out more about the PC and when to expect it in stores!

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1. Design

The rumours of Lenovo releasing a foldable computer began circulating a while ago, but skeptics have been saying that it’s going to be at least a few years until a working foldable PC can be released. However, Lenovo managed to surpass everyone’s expectations by unveiling the new computer this week.

Some may say that we have had foldable computers for a while – laptops are no longer a novelty and are the work device of choice for millions of users. The new Lenovo Thinkpad device is very different from a laptop. It’s a fully functional screen that can be bent at any angle you find comfortable.

One of the biggest benefits of the new device is its versatility. There are at least three ways in which you can use the new Lenovo Thinkpad:

  • With a straight screen, the device functions similar to a tablet PC.
  • When the computer is folded, you can use a digital keyboard on one of the halves of the screen.
  • If you prefer the look and feel of the physical keyboard, you can use your Lenovo Thinkpad as a screen and connect it to a Bluetooth keyboard.

The new Lenovo device will not only have a touchscreen, but will also support pen input, which means you can do anything from writing little notes to doing complex drawings using your PC and a compatible pen. According to Lenovo, the device is designed for tech-savvy professionals with extra mobility needs.

It would be a mistake to think about the new addition to the Thinkpad family as a hybrid between a tablet and another device. If anything, the new Lenovo foldable PC is a more compact, revolutionary version of a laptop with the full laptop functionality.

Lenovo unveils the world's first foldable PC

2. Specs

Since Lenovo only unveiled the prototype of the foldable PC and not the actual device, the full spec sheet has not been released yet. We know that the device will feature a 13.3-inch OLED 2K display with a 4:3 ratio. In the folded state, the screen will be twice smaller.

The new foldable device was created by Lenovo in partnership with at least three other reputable tech companies: Intel, Windows, and LG. Intel is responsible for creating the processor, LG will design the foldable screen technology, and Windows will supply its operating system to the new PC.

Lenovo unveils the world's first foldable PC

3. Release date and price

The exact release date of the new Lenovo Thinkpad PC has not been announced yet, but we know for sure it will finally see the world in 2020. Tech experts are convinced that the final version of the device will be unveiled in January at the CES 2020 event in Las Vegas.

The price for the device has not been unveiled yet either, but given Lenovo’s premium positioning of the Thinkpad line of devices and the prices of other Thinkpad laptops and tablets, we can estimate the price of the new gadget to be around $1,500, or 550,000.

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