How To Become A Successful Instagram Blogger: 6 Winning Tips

One advertising post, сreated by popular Instagram bloggers costs a lot of money. As for foreign Instagram celebrities, this Rate is several times higher. These people know how to get followers on Instagram for sure!

The secret of such a success is simple: several million people use this social platform every month, so it is an indispensable advertising tool for brands.

Now, we will tell you how to become a successful Instagram blogger!

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1. How to get followers on Instagram, #1:  Choose a niche you like and you know

You don’t need to repeat something the successful bloggers do – find the things that are interesting for you and the things you understand.

Your Instagram posts should show what really interests you, not just some random things. You can write about different things at once: for example, food, traveling, and lifestyle.

Naturally, if you want to know how to become a beauty blogger on Instagram, here’s a tip: write about the latest trends and products of the beauty industry, publish photos of product testing on yourself and friends, along with the honest reviews and results!

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2. How to get more followers on Instagram, #2: Tell something interesting about yourself

Remember that your short biography is the first thing brands or potential subscribers will see. So the answer to the question «how to become a successful Instagram blogger» is obvious: create a perfect bio, that tells s everything about your personality!

For example, if you are a travel blogger, write down “travel blogger” next to your name, so that your account will be shown with such a search query. In the biography, tell a short story about where you have been, how have you been exploring these places.

If you have quit your job and left home for that, be sure to tell about it!

3. How to increase Instagram followers, #3: Tell stories

Photo captions are just as important as the pictures themselves. Tell stories to create an emotional connection with your followers. Give them a reason to trust you, subscribe to your account and interact with you.

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4. How to become a successful Instagram blogger, #4: Your feed should look attractive

Your photos should not only be beautiful but also stick to a single theme. And this means that all profile photos should look good next to each other.

Many bloggers choose a particular style of photo processing, for example, a single color scheme or composition. Use the built-in Instagram filters or third-party photo editors like VSCO or Lightroom.

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5. How do you become a successful Instagram influencer, #5: Publish content constantly

Most Instagram celebs make publications every day, but someone prefers to upload photos several times a day, and the others are doing it a couple of times a week.

Studies have shown that increasing the frequency of publications can improve audience engagement. But choose the schedule of putting the content wisely, and be sure to stick to it.

6. How to get followers on Instagram, #6: Use correct hashtags

Remember that popular hashtags are not always effective. Once they are popular, it means you will have more competitors and the chances that people will find you are low.

Better use hashtags, that show from 10 thousand to a million publications, but not the ones that show more than a million results!

7. How do you become a successful Instagram influencer?

How to become an INSTAGRAM BLOGGER, growing followers, ENGAGEMENT PODS, etc..

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