Top 7 Benefits Of Running

Probably everyone has heard about the benefits of jogging in the morning, but how does running help the body and help us to get healthier? Running and jogging aren’t that simple as you may think. They require patience and some efforts.

Is running the best exercise? To express the advantages of jogging and running, a person needs to learn how to do it correctly. This is not a tutorial or a guide, but the list of benefits can inspire you to acquire some new habits.

#1. Running makes you less nervous

One of the main benefits of running daily is becoming less prone to stress. After you start jogging regularly, you become less anxious, less worried about the little things, and calmer in general. You get distracted from things that bother you and clear your mind.

It happens thanks to the release of cortisone that helps to maintain a consistent blood sugar level. The increase of gamma-aminobutyric acid level activates the calmness neurotransmitter, turns off the genes responsible for stress, and balances sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

#2. It helps you to think more clearly

The regeneration of the glial cells of the brain is also among the benefits of jogging. The rhythmic leg movement helps to produce neurotrophin – the agent that guards neurons against damage. It also results in better blood circulation and slows down brain aging.

Neurotrophin production prevents Parkinson’s disease. Jogging boosts neuroplasticity, the creation of new ties between brain cells. Runners have better-developed connections between different parts of the brain, improving the memory and multitasking.

jogging for weight loss

#3. It helps to grow older slowly

Aging is a continuous and inevitable process, but you can control its speed. Running, for instance, slows down the aging at the molecular level. Long-distance races increase the lifespan on average by three years and reduce the risk of premature death by 25–40%. Just don’t run in the sun too much.

#4. It makes you healthier

Jogging for weight loss is not the only positive effect you’ll get. It also prevents hypertension, diabetes, respiratory diseases, even some types of cancer. It lowers the risk of cardiac diseases and improves сardiovascular fitness. Runners have higher chances to preserve good eyesight.

Investigations prove that runners have lower chances to become mobility impaired and dependent on external assistance. If you choose a suitable program for running and good shoes, you will avoid the joints and muscles stress, boost the immune system, and keep fit.

#5. It makes you look better

Besides keeping slim, runners have a chance to improve skin condition. Intense body perspiration releases toxins and cleans the pores. It results in the improvement of skin color, helps to deal with the eruption and get rid of cellulitis. And don’t forget about good posture.

jogging for weight loss

#6. It makes you feel better

There’s a special term for that – ”runner’s high.” Positive emotions after running appear thanks to the release of happy hormones – endorphins and endocannabinoids. Regular running can help to deal with depression, needless to say about better self-esteem. You’ll also sleep better and feel good in the morning.

#7. It makes you more productive

The list of benefits of running won’t be complete without the boost of brain activity. It helps you to stay focused for a long time and less prone to distractions. Good cerebral blood supply helps to think more clearly as well.