10 Foods That Seem Healthy But Are Actually Bad For You

Nutrition is a complex subject that is full of myths and hoaxes. One day we learn that a certain product is bad for our health, but the next day it turns out that it’s actually perfectly fine. The reverse situation is also very common. Here are 10 foods everyone thinks are healthy that are actually not so good.

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1. Dried fruits

Dried fruits like mangoes, bananas, pineapples, and apricots seem to be the perfect healthy snack that you can easily take with you anywhere you go. However, dried fruits contain more sugars than fresh fruits, and are often laced with harsh preservatives that extend their shelf life.

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Healthy foods that are bad for you

2. Margarine

A few decades ago, some studies suggested that butter contains a lot of saturated fat and is very bad for your heart health, while margarine doesn’t have the same adverse effects. The truth is that margarine is much worse for your body due to the high refined vegetable oil content. When eaten in moderation, butter is great for your health.

Healthy foods that are bad for you

3. Granola

In the past few years, granola has become the favourite breakfast for millions of health-conscious people. But there is a big disadvantage of store-bought granola – its sugar content. Granola is filled with hidden sugar that eliminates any of its potential health benefits. Homemade granola is considerably better for you!

Healthy foods that are bad for you

4. Fat-free products

In your quest to manage your weight, you may be tempted to buy products that advertise containing little to no fat. However, you should know that most fat-free food products contain much more sugar than their full-fat counterparts. In many cases, fat isn’t your enemy, but sugar definitely is!

Healthy foods that are bad for you

5. Fruit and vegetable juices

Fruit and vegetable juices often go hand-in-hand with a healthy lifestyle and weight loss, but the reality is very different. By turning your fruits and vegetables into juice, you strip them of the valuable dietary fiber, which is essential for the correct operation of your gastrointestinal system, while the sugar content increases.

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Healthy foods that are bad for you

6. Protein shakes

Anyone with any experience in fitness and bodybuilding loves protein shakes, and for a good reason. When made from scratch at home and consumed within a short amount of time, a protein shake can do a lot of good to your body. Packages protein shakes are a different story: they are filled with sugar and preservatives, plus other elements you don’t want in your food.

Healthy foods that are bad for you

7. Flavoured dairy products

Eating the same plain yoghurt for years can get boring, but trying to spice up your diet with flavoured products can eventually backfire. When you eat flavoured yoghurts and other dairy products, you consume much more sugar or artificial sweeteners than you would do with an unflavoured product. Always check the packaging for the real sugar content!

Healthy foods that are bad for you

8. Instant oatmeal

On paper, a packet of instant oatmeal is the ideal breakfast that is so easy to prepare. However, to make regular oat instant, they are processed many times, which takes away many of their essential nutrients. Packing them with sugar, dairy substitutes, and dried fruits with their own preservatives, makes them a far less healthy option than a bowl of oatmeal you made yourself.

Healthy foods that are bad for you

9. Pasta

Even the highly regarded whole-wheat pasta is still not ideal for your health if you’re trying to manage your weight. A much better option is pasta that is high in protein. Look for pasta made from chickpeas or brown rice. A nice bonus: this pasta is usually gluten-free!

Healthy foods that are bad for you

10. Iced tea

We all know about the dangers of drinking sugary drinks, but iced tea is often viewed as a healthier alternative. However, that’s only true when you make the iced tea at home. Any bottled iced tea often contains as much sugar and calories as sugary sodas, which means they are equally bad for you!

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Healthy foods that are bad for you

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