Data Plans In Nigeria! Airtel, Glo, MTN, 9mobile And More!

As a mobile phone user, you have many important choices to make. In addition to picking the right smartphone and service provider, you also need to choose the best data plan for your needs and budget. Here are the best data plans available in Nigeria right now.

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1. Airtel

Currently, Airtel offers three basic and three unlimited plans to its users. You can choose from the following Airtel data plans:

  1. Free 4G. If you haven’t switched from the old SIM card to the 4G-enabled card, with this plan you can not only get the 4G capabilities, but also enjoy them for free!
  2. 1.5GB for ₦1,500. If you are looking for the data plan that will allow you to enjoy data usage without any time or app restrictions, this is the one to consider.
  3. Night plan. In case you mostly use the data on your phone during the night, you can take advantage of the Airtel night plan. For just ₦25, you get 500MB to spend in one night. For ₦200, you will get 1.5GB on the same plan.
  4. Unlimited plans. Right now, Airtel offers three unlimited data plans that cost 10,000, 15,000, and ₦20,000 respectively. These plans are valid for 30 days and give you unrestricted online access.

Data Plans In Nigeria

2. Glo

Glo is a user favourite when it comes to affordable data plans, and right now you can access the following Glo data plans:

  1. Daily/weekly/monthly plans, which allow you to order a specific number of gigabytes for a set price. For example, you can get 3.2GB for ₦1000, 10GB for 2,500, or 7.5GB for ₦2,000.
  2. Night + weekend plan. If you are an active internet user during nighttime and on weekends, consider switching to this plan. Here you can get 1GB for ₦200 per night or 3GB for ₦1,000 during the weekend.

Data Plans In Nigeria

3. MTN

While Glo is considered to be the cheapest service provider in Nigeria, MTN is currently a close second. Here are the most popular affordable MTN data plans:

  1. Daily, weekly, and monthly plans. Depending on your needs, you can choose an MTN data plan that fits your internet use patterns. For example, you can get 100MB a day for ₦200, 750MB for ₦500, or 1.5GB for ₦1,000 that will last you for 30 days.
  2. Pulse data plan. If you are an MTN Pulse user, you can buy 1GB of data for 500 and use it within 14 days.
  3. Night plan, which is also a Pulse exclusive. With this plan, you can get 500MB to use during the night for ₦25.
  4. YouTube Plan. If you are a fan of the YouTube platform, save money on data with 1 hour of YouTube videos for ₦150 and 3 hours for ₦400.

Data Plans In Nigeria

4. 9mobile

9mobile, formerly known as Etisalat, is a popular Nigerian service provider that offers money-saving plans to internet users. Here are the best ones to consider:

  1. Social plan. It was designed for those who cannot imagine life without social media and messengers. For ₦150 a week, you get unlimited access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and BBM.
  2. Daily, weekly, and monthly plans. With these plans, you can buy 500MB for ₦500, 1GB for ₦1,000, or 1.5GB for ₦1,200 and use them within the specified time period.
  3. 1GB for 200. This is one of the newest plans unveiled by 9mobile and it’s a very budget-friendly one, but, unfortunately, it is only available to selected users, so check with the 9mobile support to see if it will work for you.
  4. Night and weekend plans. To use the internet during the night, you can buy 1GB for 200. The weekend plan costs ₦1,000 and gives you 2GB to use.

Data Plans In Nigeria

5. NTel

NTel is the newest service provider in Nigeria, but even though it is currently only available in several states, it does offer some noteworthy plans:

  1. Smartphone Lite. This plan is perfect if you are normally not a heavy user but need to do something that requires a lot of data use. For ₦1,500 you get unlimited data access valid for 2 days.
  2. Smartphone Data Weekly. With this plan, you can buy unlimited access for 7 days for just 3,750.
  3. Smartphone Data Monthly. If you need unlimited internet access for the whole month, you can get it for ₦12,500 for 30 days.
  4. NTel Night. With this plan, you can get the same unlimited access to data, but only from 10pm to 6am. The daily, weekly, and monthly plan cost ₦500, ₦1,500, and ₦5,000 accordingly.

Data Plans In Nigeria

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