Essentials For Glowing Skin? Oils Versus Lotion!

Some women are blessed with naturally glowing skin, but most of us need to put some effort into making our skin look flawless. The good news is that there is an endless range of products to choose from, but which one is best for you? Here is a guide on the two most popular products for glowing skin: oils and lotions!

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1. The oil

Oil treatments are so popular nowadays that you can find the right oil for every skin problem. Oils have also proven to be very effective for achieving healthy, glowing skin. So what are the most important advantages of oil?

  • Skin care oils are typically very natural and contain little to no additives. If you have sensitive skin or simply care about the ingredients in your skin care problems, oils are a better option.
  • The lipids contained in oil mimic the lipids in our skin, which allows the oil to quickly absorb into your skin and be very efficient once it’s inside.
  • Oil is a perfect moisturizer, and not just for dry and dehydrated skin: dermatologists advice anyone with oily skin and acne to use skin care oils to regulate the sebum production.

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However, while using oil on your skin is very effective for giving it a glowing look, there are also a couple of important disadvantages of oil to keep in mind:

  • Some natural oils have a very strong aroma which may interfere with your perfume or simply annoy you if you have to smell it all day long.
  • Most skin care oils are quickly absorbed into the skin, but some oils need a while to be fully absorbed, which is why it’s best not to use the oil shortly before going out.

Essentials For Glowing Skin? Oils Versus Lotion!

2. The lotion

There are so many skin care lotions for every skin type and problem that you have probably tried at least several of them. Lotions for glowing skin have several crucial benefits:

  • Most lotions are a mixture of oil and water, which allows the product to not only lock the moisture in your skin like oil does, but also penetrate deeper and supply moisture to every layer of your skin.
  • Unlike skin oils and body butters, lotions have a very lightweight formula. Not only does it quickly absorb without an oily residue, but it is also a pleasure to apply.
  • There is a variety of fragrance-free skin lotions, so if you can’t stand even the faintest aroma in your skin care products, you will easily find the right option for skin lotion.

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Lotions are a long-time favourite of women who want glowing skin, but there are also several downsides of skin lotions you need to know about:

  • Most importantly, skin care lotions are known to often contain ingredients you don’t really want to put on your skin – for example, alcohol. Always carefully study the label before making the purchase!
  • The most lightweight lotions are the fastest ones to absorb into your skin, but they also have the weakest moisturizing effect. Heavier oil-based formulas are more nourishing, but they often take as long to absorb as skin oils.

Essentials For Glowing Skin? Oils Versus Lotion!

3. The bottom line

At the end of the day, the factor that matters the most in your choice between oil and lotion for glowing skin is your own preference and your skin type. You should also take into account the time of the day when you’re planning to use the product. Personally, we believe that the ideal routine is using oil after an evening shower and lotion before you leave home in the morning.

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Essentials For Glowing Skin? Oils Versus Lotion!

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