How To Start A Smoothie Business

Smoothies are a popular craze among people leading a healthy lifestyle. These people are prepared to drink smoothies for breakfast, dinner, supper, and in between meals. Selling smoothies is also a profitable business opportunity, and here is how to open your own smoothie business in Nigeria.

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1. Research smoothies

In order to build your wealth on smoothies, you need to become a real pro in this business. Smoothies will only sell well if they taste good and are perfectly fresh. You have to research various ways to make smoothies, different combination that taste together, and smoothie ideas for specific health conditions and fitness goals. Only then you will be able to achieve the perfect taste and variety of smoothies.

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2. Research the competition

Unless you plan to launch your smoothie venture in a remote village, there is a good chance that your town or city already has one or more smoothie joints. You need to know how your smoothie business is going to be different and how it is going to get ahead of the competition. Note the recipes, packaging, design, promotions, and pay special attention to the potential flaws of the businesses.

3. Create a business plan

Creating a business plan is one of the most important steps in launching any business. Only when you have a solid business plan, you can expect your business to start and run smoothly. If you don’t know how to write a real business plan, you can hire a professional business plan writer.

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4. Get some training

The best way to learn both the basics and specifics of running a smoothie business is to learn from a person who already has a successful smoothie venture. To avoid awkward competition situations, you can travel to another city for a few weeks and get some valuable knowledge there.

5. Find a spot

The location for your smoothie business means a lot for your ultimate success. A smoothie stand needs to be located in a place with a lot of foot traffic, but you also need to consider the surroundings. A good location for a smoothie spot is anywhere near fitness centres, business centres, or shopping centres.

6. Register your business

If you are not aiming for anything more than serving smoothies to your friends and family members for free, you don’t need any official documents to run your smoothie stand. In all other situations, registering your business with the officials and getting a license allows you to start on a high note and cater to not only individuals, but also other businesses.

7. Get the supply and equipment

A smoothie venture is not the most demanding venture in terms of equipment, but you do need a minimum of equipment to start successfully. At the very least, you will need a refrigerator, several blenders, a sink, an ice maker, glasses, straws, lids, and of course, a supply of fruits, vegetables, water, and other ingredients for your smoothies.

8. Hire personnel

You may want to run your smoothie business all by yourself, but that is hardly a viable business idea. It’s nearly impossible to take care of everything from purchasing fruits to making the smoothies. That is why it’s better to hire at least two people for making smoothies. They will work in shifts while you will focus on the management side of your hopefully successful smoothie venture.

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