8 Beauty Products You Should Never Share Or Else

Most of us enjoy sharing with our loved ones and would gladly share food, devices, books, clothes, and other belongings. However, there are some things that should be only used by one person, and beauty products are definitely on that list. Check out 8 beauty products you should never share!

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1. Mascara

Mascara does not directly touch your skin, which is why it may seem perfectly alright for you to share yours with a friend or a sister. However, you should know that the wet contents of a mascara container are the ideal ground for growing bacteria. Transferring the bacteria onto your lashes and then onto your eyes can lead to serious bacterial infections.

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2. Lip products

Whether it’s a lipstick, lip gloss, or lip balm, sharing it with others is a bad idea for one big reason. Most people are carriers of the HSV-1 oral herpes even if it does not physically manifest itself yet. This virus is very infectious and can live in your body forever, which is not the effect you want to achieve with a lipstick.

3. Brushes

Even when used by a single person, brushes accumulate skin oils, product residue, and dirt very quickly. If your skin is already sensitive or prone to acne, using someone else’s brushes or letting someone use yours and not washing them afterwards can lead to your skin condition quickly getting worse.

4. Toothbrush

On one hand, it seems completely understandable that you are the only one who should be using your toothbrush. On the other hand, there are some emergency situations like a sleepover at your friend’s house. Still, if you haven’t packed an extra toothbrush, you’d be better off chewing a piece of gum, because the bacteria you may accidentally transfer to your mouth can lead to cavities and other dental problems.

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5. Pressed powder

You may think that only wet products can be contaminated with bacteria, but the truth is that pressed powders and eyeshadows are also susceptible to bacteria growth. If you want to lend or borrow a foundation, opt for a foundation in a pump container instead.

6. Skin care

If your skin care products come in a pump container, you are good to go. If it’s something you take with your fingers out of a jar, keep from sharing the product with anyone. There are thousands of germs on your hands at any given moment, which means many of them travel to your face cream or mask jar.

7. Cream eyeshadow

Allowing someone to use your cream eyeshadow or using someone’s eyeshadow on your eyelids is not a good idea for the same reason: the bacteria. Not only can you transfer bacteria to the product with your hands, but the texture of the eyeshadow is perfect for the bacteria to grow, making the potential outcome even more serious.

8. Razors

If you are taking a shower at a friend’s house and remember you need to shave your legs, don’t just grab any razor you see in the bathroom. A razor creates a lot of microdamage in your skin and can even draw blood. It means that not only can your blood get into someone else’s bloodstream if they use the razor after you, but you can contract hepatitis, staph infection, and other dangerous diseases.

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