How To Style Your Kimono: 7 Best Ideas

A kimono jacket has become one of the fashion mainstays in Nigeria. Nigerian fashionistas know dozens of ways to style a simple yet beautiful kimono. Looking for new ways to wear your favourite kimono jacket? Here are 7 ways to style a kimono you can try!

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1. Idea #1

If you want to make your kimono the star of your outfit – as you should – it makes perfect sense to choose the most understated things to pair with the kimono. The combination of a black top with black trousers and black high-heeled sandals makes the colourful kimono pattern stand out and attract everyone’s attention to your look.

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2. Idea #2

In case you are planning your holiday wardrobe, you can definitely make use of your kimono by employing it as a beach cover-up. Just imagine yourself strutting along the beach or swimming pool in your sweeping kimono over your favourite trendy swimsuit!

3. Idea #3

We are mostly used to seeing a kimono as part of casual wear, but it can easily become your go-to outfit to wear to a special occasion. Simply pair your kimono with a chic little black dress to get an outfit that plays to your strengths and helps you stand out from the crowd. Choose a pair of killer heels to make your look even more memorable.

4. Idea #4

At first glance, this kimono looks like a very fashionable robe that you would normally wear in your bedroom. However, with the right styling, you can make it the central element of a cute daytime look. A maxi kimono with skinny black jeans and gorgeous heeled sandals will help you feel like the fashion queen you really are.

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5. Idea #5

A combination of blue jeans and a white top is really foolproof, but it’s not the most exciting thing to wear. Upgrade your favourite combination by throwing a colourful kimono jacket over the jeans. A stress-free haircut and some beautiful pumps will make your outfit look like it came straight out of a fashion magazine photoshoot.

6. Idea #6

An Ankara kimono is a great way to demonstrate your love for native wear, and pairing it with a simple grey dress is the most effective idea for making the Ankara pattern pop. You can take things one step further and accessorize your look with a matching Ankara handbag.

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7. Idea #7

Wondering how to make a kimono jacket a part of your office wardrobe? Surprisingly enough, a kimono can look perfectly appropriate for the workplace as long as you pair it with sensible trousers, top, and shoes. That way you can add your unique touch to your business casual look and avoid looking dull even under the strictest dress code.

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