NCC To Block 9.2M SIM Cards! How To Check If You Will Be Affected!

Last week it was announced that the NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission) will block all SIM cards that have not been registered properly. The blocking initiative can affect over 9 million of Nigerians. Find out if your SIM card is under the risk of being blocked!

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1. Why will the SIM cards be blocked?

The initiative to block the SIM cards of millions of Nigerians was started by Isa Pantami, the new Minister of Communications of Nigeria. Shortly after being sworn into office, the Minister requested the various bodies of the Ministry to submit their performance reports.

The NCC performance report revealed a large number of SIM cards not being properly registered according to the procedure. As a result, Isa Pantami ordered the Nigerian service providers to temporarily block all SIM cards that have not been properly registered.

Back in August, the first mobile providers, including MTN and Airtel, have urged their users to register their SIM cards, and other providers are expected to follow suit shortly. Although the blockage is expected to be only temporary and to last until the user complies with the registration requirement, the news angered a lot of Nigerians, with some users claiming they have already properly registered their SIM cards and are still experiencing problems.

2. How to check if you will be affected

With over 9 million of Nigerian mobile phone users, it is hard to be sure you will not be affected by the SIM card blockage even if you believe you have gone through the required procedure in the past. Want to know if you need to register your card or everything is clear with your number? Here is what you need to do, depending on the service provider you are using:

  1. For MTN users: dial *789*1#.
  2. For Airtel users: dial *746#.
  3. For 9mobile users: text SHOP to 200 to find out where the nearest 9mobile shop is; then visit the shop to update your information.
  4. For Glo users: text REG to 746 or 3456.

If you have previously registered your SIM card with the provider, you should receive a message that your information is linked to your number and you don’t need to take any extra steps. However, since the providers will likely be overwhelmed in the next few weeks, it is best to confirm your status by performing the steps we listed earlier.

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