Five Natural Oils That Nourish Your Hair

Treating your hair with oils is not a new idea – even centuries ago, people were already taking advantage of various natural oils to achieve a better state of their hair. If you are a beginner to the world of oil treatment or simply want to get the best for your hair, here are 5 most popular oils for nourishing your mane.

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1. Olive oil

You are probably used to seeing olive oil in your kitchen cabinet as one of the most commonly used oils used in cooking, but it turns out that it can do wonders for your hair as well. To achieve the best effect with your olive oil treatments, make sure to look for extra virgin olive oil.

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There are several uses of olive oil for healthier hair. Massaging the oil into your scalp will soothe the skin on your head, help you get rid of itchiness, and remove dandruff. Using olive oil as a hair mask after shampooing will help your hair retain moisture and nutrients better.

2. Castor oil

Castor oil is another multi-purpose product on our list. A few decades ago, castor oil was mainly used as a relief for constipation. However, recently the world found out that castor oil, particularly Jamaican Black castor oil, can be very beneficial for your hair.

The most popular use of castor oil for hair is for hair growth. The black variety of castor oil contains ash from roasted castor beans, which has proven to be very effective for stimulating the growth of new hairs. You should especially consider using castor oil if you are noticing thinning edges.

3. Shea butter

While shea butter is not technically an oil, it can easily reach the consistency of oil if you melt it in a double boiler. Shea butter has numerous uses in beauty, but it is particularly loved in the hair community for its amazing properties. Keep in mind that unrefined, light yellow shea butter is better than the refined variety.

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The most valuable benefit of shea butter for hair is its ability to nourish dry hair and make it feel and look softer and more manageable. Shea butter is also very effective at sealing moisture, is known for protecting your hair against the damaging sunlight, and can be mixed with any other oil on our list for a double effect.

4. Argan oil

Argan oil is the most expensive oil on our list, but that’s only because of its amazing properties in treating various hair problems. A little trick known in the hair community is to add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner instead of applying it directly to your hair – that way, you will experience the same effect without spending a lot of money on each treatment session.

The biggest reason why argan oil is so popular is that it adds a strong shine to your hair and helps tame the frizz. Argan oil also makes your hair softer and makes your coif look professionally made even if you have just stepped out of the bathroom.

5. Coconut oil

By now, you have probably guessed what the last oil on our list is. It is hard for any other oil to compete with coconut oil in popularity when it comes to hair treatments. Whenever possible, try to opt for organic coconut oil, since it has a much stronger effect on the hair.

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Coconut oil is known as a strong moisturizer for dry and damaged hair. By penetrating each hair, coconut oil is able to not only lock the moisture inside your tresses, but also supply them with valuable nutrients required for a healthy and sleek look.

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