Five Marriage Proposal Mistakes You Must Never Make

A marriage proposal is a crucial step in every relationship, and while there are hundreds of ways to make this day special for both of you, there is also a risk of doing it the wrong way, which will inevitably affect your relationship. Here are the 5 most common proposal mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

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1. Choosing the wrong ring

A wedding proposal ring is the central element of the event, but it’s very easy to pick the wrong ring that will not fit into your partner’s expectations. And we are not only talking about the ring size, although it is also very important for the ring to fit comfortably.

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There is nothing more frustrating than receiving an engagement ring that completely clashes with your style. If your partner prefers dainty, subtle jewelry, she probably will not be too happy with a big, gaudy ring. On the other hand, fans of striking jewelry usually want their engagement ring to be equally eye-catching. Simply look at your partner’s jewelry choices and tastes to make the right choice.

2. Giving no ring at all

Lately, a new trend has emerged, where men come to their own proposal empty-handed. There may be different reasons for it, from the desire to fight the stereotype that you need an incredibly expensive ring to propose to the personal financial problems preventing you from buying your dream ring.

Whatever the reason is, anyone would tell you that not bringing a ring to the marriage proposal is not the best way to ask your partner to marry you. An engagement ring is not a symbol of wealth – it’s a symbol of love, bond, and commitment, so even if you can’t afford an expensive piece of jewelry, you can go for the option you can afford.

3. Involving the family

If you have been in a relationship for several years, you probably know each other’s families and are, at least, on friendly terms with them. However, bringing her parents, not to mention your own family, without your partner’s prior knowledge, can be a potentially embarrassing situation.

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The secret here is to only invite the family when you are 100% sure your partner will say yes. If she is not fully convinced she wants to marry you, the presence of the family can put a lot of pressure on her – she may agree at that moment, but if she doesn’t feel like it, it will create a lot of turmoil for your relationship in the future.

4. Asking too early

When you feel you have met the right person, you may be considering marriage already a few months into a relationship. However, it’s often the infatuation that is causing you to take these drastic measures. Normally, asking her to marry you in less than a year of dating may not bring you the desired results.

In order to take a grounded decision to get married, you and your partner need to go through some lows in addition to the many highs. Whether it’s mood changes, job loss, family problems, or health issues, going through these relationship milestones together successfully means you are ready to propose.

5. Choosing the wrong time

Unless your marriage proposal idea is highly time-sensitive – for example, if it is linked to an important milestone in your relationship – you should pay special attention to the time when you decide to propose. If your partner is stressed out from work, has just argued with her parents, or has the flu, she may react to your proposal differently than she would when everything is clear.

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You should also consider the date of your proposal. It is not recommended to have your proposal on New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day, since it will mean one less significant day for you to celebrate in the future. Plus, events like New Year’s Eve, other people’s weddings, and family get-togethers mean your proposal will have dozens of witnesses, which will put additional pressure on you and your partner.

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