Top 7 Reasons For Divorce And How To Avoid Them

According to the statistics, as much as 50% of marriages will eventually come to a divorce. In some cases, a divorce is inevitable and cannot and should not be avoided. However, in many situations, it is possible to save the marriage by knowing the 7 common divorce reasons and how to avoid them.

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1. Top 7 reasons for divorce

These are the 7 things people often report when explaining the reason why they seek a divorce from their spouse:

1. Infidelity

For most people, infidelity in marriage is a dealbreaker and they cannot bring themselves to forgive the other person, which is why their marriage never recovers. Infidelity does not often mean a physical act of adultery – in many cases, an emotional affair is enough to hurt the marriage irreparably.

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2. Abuse

Abuse, whether it is physical or mental, is a serious reason for getting a divorce. Living in an abusive marriage not only takes a toll on the victim’s physical and psychological health, but also has negative consequences for anyone witnessing the abuse – most importantly, the couple’s children.

3. Bad habits

Staying married to a person who is addicted to drugs, drinks excessively, or has another crippling addition – for example, gambling – is not a good thing for the spouse. Life-ruining addictions can make any relationship go bad, take a toll on the financial situation in the family, and can potentially endanger all family members.

4. Loss of love

If the couple has been together for a long time, one day it may seem like love is gone and you are living together as friends or even roommates. The first and brightest stages of love and infatuation only live for a couple of years, and then the relationship either transforms into mature love or ends in a divorce.

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5. Different values and goals

In order for a married couple to achieve success in life, they need to have similar views on the most important aspects of marriage family, including children, finances, housing, and jobs. If there are major differences in the life views of each couple, the marriage is more likely to come to a divorce

6. Change in personality

It is completely natural for people to change over the course of a marriage. You cannot maintain the same personality and views for years or even decades. However, while some couples go through the transformation and get used to each other’s changes, others simply cannot tolerate the person their once beloved spouse has become.

7. Politics and religion

If politics and religion play an important part in your life, you likely want to spend the rest of your life with someone who shares your beliefs. If your spouse aggressively refuses to even consider your position or equally aggressively tries to convince you in their point of view, it can be a valid reason for a divorce.

2. How to avoid them

Some reasons for divorce, including differences in political and religious views, as well as the loss of love and respect in the couple, can be hardly avoided. Plus, if you personally find it impossible to forgive infidelity or don’t want to deal with your spouse’s addictions anymore, you are completely justified in wanting a divorce.

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A big reason why many marriages end in a divorce is that couples don’t spend enough time together and don’t have enough meaningful discussions about their future. You should always discuss the important aspects of family life, children, and finances before even considering getting married.

However, in many cases, the marriage can be saved by improving the communication between the spouses. You can try doing it on your own or asking a marriage counsellor for help. Only when you learn to freely discuss the things you find worrying or even unacceptable, you can expect your marriage to grow stronger.

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