Samsung Just Launched An Artificial Human Being

Samsung is known and loved all around the world for its cutting-edge gadgets, but the brand’s interests venture beyond consumer technology. At the recent CES 2020 event, Samsung unveiled a human assistant project called Neon, which the brand refers to as an “artificial human”. Find out more about Neon right now!

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1. What is Neon?

Neon is a project that was developed by a Samsung-backed company called STAR Labs. During the unveiling, the spokesperson for the project made sure to point out that Neon is not an Artificial Intelligence assistant, as they already exist for a few years.

Instead, Neon is referred to as simply a friend or an artificial human that can help other humans with everyday tasks. Essentially, Neon is the latest and currently most advanced iteration of chatbot technology, only this time, the chatbot comes with its own lifelike avatar.

Neon is based on the exclusive technology called Core R3, which takes just a few milliseconds to respond to the queries of the human interacting with the chatbot. Neon is also able to maintain a sensible dialogue and even create new dialogue and reactions that are not based on the human query.

2. What does Neon look like?

We have already talked about the lifelike appearance of the “artificial human” created by Samsung and STAR Labs, but the extent of the lifelikeness of Neon’s look is truly staggering. The appearance of the chatbot is generated by technology, but when you look at Neon, it’s very hard to believe it.

Even though the appearance of Neon is chosen at random, it looks so close to an actual human being that you will probably have to do a double-take to ensure it’s not a real person. However, Pranav Mistry, the CEO of STAR Labs, has pointed out that Neon can be made to look like any real-life person using complex computer algorithms.

3. How will Neon be used?

Most computer and mobile users in the world have already had some experience with artificial intelligence. If you have ever picked up your phone to ask for the time, weather, or some fact from history, you have successfully interacted with an AI assistant – whether it’s called Siri, Cortana, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

Neon, however, is not designed for the same purpose. It’s not a know-it-all virtual assistant that can answer any question using the internet resources in a few seconds. Instead, Neon is designed to have a meaningful conversation with humans. Neon will have its own memory and emotions, unlike any AI technology created to date.

It has been announced that Samsung’s “artificial human” will be mostly used by businesses to assist customers and enhance their customer experience. It’s easy to imagine hundreds of uses for Neon, from greeting and navigating passengers in the airport to serving as a virtual receptionist at the gym. However, we will need to wait until later this year, when Samsung and STAR Labs will unveil Neon for the first few select partners.

Talking with Neon AI, Samsung’s best attempt at being human

Neon has built up a lot of hype at CES 2020, and we got a chance to see the first live demo in action. Neon is a lifelike avatar from a Samsung research subs…

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