The Top 10 Apps You Should Have On Your Phone In 2020

A new year has just started, and it’s a great time to upgrade your phone with some of the most popular and practical apps available today. Here are 10 must-have Android apps for every occasion in 2020.

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1. For music: SoundCloud

There are plenty of places to look for the music you already know and love, including YouTube and paid music apps. But where should you go if you are in the mood for some hot new tracks from up-and-coming artists? The answer is SoundCloud, where everything that is interesting in music currently takes place.

2. For videos: Netflix

The Netflix app itself is free, but it requires you to subscribe to the service with a monthly fee if you want to be able to access its database of films and TV shows. However, the selection of content, both original and from other studios and channels, offered by Netflix is unmatched and certainly worth every naira.

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3. For photo storage: Google Photos

If you are always running of storage space on your smartphone due to the number of photos you regularly take, your ideal solution is Google Photos. With this app, you get unlimited free storage for your photos and videos in the cloud, which means you can access them whenever you want without taking up the valuable storage space on your phone.

4. For photo editing: VSCO Camera

In case you are often seeing beautifully edited, tasteful photos on your social media feed, there is a huge chance those photos are edited in the VSCO Camera app. This app comes with a huge number of presets, filters, and photo effects that are super easy to use even for photo editing newbies.

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5. For cooking: Cookpad

Even the most avid cooks often struggle with finding new ideas for a family breakfast or dinner. With Cookpad, the struggle is over. Easily discover new recipes, add products to your shopping list, and let the Cookpad algorithm recommend you new recipes you are guaranteed to love.

6. For fitness: MyFitnessPal

It’s no secret that the easiest and most effective way to lose weight is to consume fewer calories than you spend. However, keeping track of those calories may be challenging, and MyFitnessPal is an app that is here to help you. This app contains nutritional information for thousands of products, so you will always know what exactly you are eating and how your calorie consumption reflects on your weight.

7. For news: Flipboard

In this day and age, few of us have the luxury of browsing several news sites or actual newspaper. With Flipboard, you will receive all the news content you need in one convenient feed. Manage your subscriptions, watch videos, and listen to podcasts in one convenient app.

8. For fun: Imgur

Imgur was founded over a decade ago as a photo hosting service, but it quickly evolved into the top destination for sharing memes, gifs, and other hilarious content with millions of users around the world. Whenever you open Imgur, you are guaranteed to get lost in the endless fun content for hours, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

9. For learning: Duolingo

Learning a new language is not only an interesting hobby, but also a chance to make your resume more impressive for potential employers. Duolingo allows you to learn the most popular languages like French, Italian, German, and Spanish, with quick, fun, and convenient lessons every day.

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10. For finances: Mint

If you are having trouble keeping your finances in check, you can get the help you need with Mint. This app will intelligently analyze your finances, including your income and your spending, and will help you manage the money more effectively.

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