How To Start A Dog Breeding Business In Nigeria

Historically, dogs are some of the most popular pets in Nigerian families. There is the right breed of dog for every personality and situation, but where do all those puppies and dogs come from? Dog breeding in Nigeria is a thriving business and you can join it right now! Here is everything you need to know about starting a dog breeding business in Nigeria.

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1. Why dog breeding?

There are several reasons why a dog breeding business is so popular in Nigeria today. First, it can be very rewarding to give families a new beloved pet they have dreamed about for ages. Second, a dog breeding business is surely challenging, but not as challenging and labour-intensive as many other businesses. Third, when done right, a dog breeding business can be very lucrative: you can easily sell puppies of the most coveted breeds for ₦100,000 and up!

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2. Research the market

If you don’t have any experience in the dog breeding industry and only have a love for dogs and a desire to build a thriving business, you have a lot of research to do. Study the most popular breeds in Nigeria, which breeds are the easiest one to keep, and where your potential customers live.

For inexperienced dog breeders, it is better to get support from a professional. You can either find a partner who has already been in the dog breeding industry or hire a professional veterinarian who will help you with most aspects of the dog rearing business.

3. Choose your breed

There are dozens of dog breeds you can rear in Nigeria right now, but they require different living conditions and have different target markets. For example, a popular way to breed dogs is to sell them to the military and police, but in that case, you will need to train your dogs and only keep specific breeds like Rottweilers and German shepherds.

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Breeding guard dogs like Tibetan mastiffs and Pitbulls can be rather lucrative, but these dogs and puppies also require special care and lots of food expenses. Whereas breeding Beagles, Chihuahuas, Bichon Frise, and other small and medium breeds can be just as lucrative but less expensive.

4. Get everything you need

You cannot breed dogs professionally from your own kitchen or bedroom. You will need to build special premises called dog houses, which should be equipped with everything it may take to keep your dogs comfortable, including dog beds, water and food bowls, and dog toys. The houses should also be protected from the elements and have proper ventilation.

Then you’ll need to buy dogs for breeding. Female dogs usually reach the age of mating at 8 months old, but it is not recommended to allow them to mate during the first heat. You can purchase dogs aged 1+ years to ensure healthy mating, pregnancy, and birth. The number of dogs you will get depends on your financial means and your business plan. A female dog can have up to 4 healthy litters in her lifetime, but male dogs can mate a virtually unlimited number of times.

5. Take care of your dogs

Your responsibilities as a good dog breeder don’t end after the mating process. Once the female dog gets pregnant, you will need to ensure sufficient care, which includes making her comfortable, feeding her a healthy and nutritious diet, and regularly inviting a professional veterinarian for check-ups.

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You should also get the veterinarian to assist with the birthing of the puppies, check the health of puppies after birth, and organize safe living conditions for them to grow up. By the time the puppies reach the age of 1 or 2 months old, you can start looking for their new owners.

New owners prefer to name their puppies on their own, which means you shouldn’t give names to the puppies or, at the very least, refer to them by their names. It is also recommended to do a minimal background check on the people who will buy your puppies, so that the puppies are guaranteed to grow up in a healthy and safe environment.

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