Samsung Releases The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip! Prices And Specs In Nigeria!

In the constantly changing world of mobile phones, we can always count on Samsung to release some of the most interesting and groundbreaking Android devices. Last week, the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone took the world by storm. Here are the specs and price of the new device.

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1. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip specs

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip certainly looks eye-catching, but what exactly does it have in store for its buyers? Let’s take a closer look at the specs of the Galaxy Z Flip.

1. Design and display

From the name of the new smartphone, you can already guess that is has a foldable construction, just like the mobile phones we had in the early 2000s. This is not the first foldable device released by Samsung, but the specs and design of the Galaxy Z Flip are more reminiscent of the 2019 Motorola Razr rather than Samsung’s old devices.

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The phone comes in a premium-looking aluminium frame and has glass on both the front and the side panel. The Galaxy Z Flip weighs just a little over 180 grams and has a 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display when fully unfolded. The new Samsung device is designed to be used in three ways: as a regular smartphone, as a mini 1.1-inch display when closed, and at an adjustable angle. With the last screen mode, some apps will take advantage of the new design by displaying two different blocks of information in two different parts of the screen.

2. Performance

Even though the novelty flip design is one of the most attractive features of the new Samsung Galaxy smartphone, we are also used to seeing a competitive performance in Samsung phones, and it’s safe to say the Galaxy Z Flip does not disappoint in this regard.

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The phone is powered by a 2.95GHz octa-core processor and is equipped with a Qualcomm SM8150 Snapdragon 855+ chipset. There are 8GB of RAM, which should be just enough even for extra challenging tasks, and 256GB of storage. There is no microSD slot, and you will find the fingerprint scanner in a slightly unusual location – on the back of the device.

In terms of software, there are hardly any surprises with the new Samsung Galaxy device. The phone runs the latest version of Android, Android 10.0, plus Samsung’s own One UI 2, designed to satisfy the needs of the users even more effectively. The phone is naturally 4G-enabled and has quality AKG loudspeakers.

3. Camera and battery

After the triple and even quadruple camera setups of the recent smartphone bestsellers, we didn’t expect the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip to offer anything less impressive. However, probably for design reasons, the Galaxy Z Flip has a dual camera with two 12MP sensors with LED flash. The front camera has 10MP and no LED flash.

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip comes with a 3300mAh battery that should last for a full day of use. The phone supports wireless charging and 15W fast charging, which should give you even more autonomy with your new mobile phone.

2. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip price in Nigeria

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was just announced last week during Samsung’s unveiling event, but the phone is already available at select stores around the world. It should launch in Nigeria in the coming weeks. The price of the new device internationally is $1,380, which places the minimal price of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in Nigeria at roughly ₦500,000.

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