Join The Jiji Facebook Group For All The Latest Updates On The Coronavirus

With thousands of new cases around the world and over 100 infected patients in Nigeria, coronavirus continues to dominate the news and minds of billions of people on the planet. Want to stay informed of the latest COVID-19 developments? Here is why every Nigerian needs to join our Jiji Facebook group.

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1. What is the Jiji coronavirus group?

The Jiji Live Updates Facebook group was launched specifically to inform and support Jiji users during the pandemic. Unlike the regular Jiji group on Facebook, which contains tips for buyers and sellers, fun contests, memes, and other entertaining content, the purpose of the Jiji Live Updates group is to help the nation through the crisis.

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2. What can you find there?

One of the biggest problems with keeping yourself up-to-date with the spread of the pandemic is the sheer amount of information you need to deal with every day. What makes things even harder is the fake information and influx of panic you get from different sources.

We at Jiji are determined to help the members of our community stay informed and calm during the coronavirus pandemic. Here is what you can find in our Jiji Live Updates group on Facebook:

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  • Real-time updates on the number of patients infected with coronavirus in Nigeria and around the world;
  • Updates on the lethal COVID-19 cases;
  • Information on how to stay safe during the pandemic;
  • Reminders to maintain social distancing and self-isolation when it’s needed;
  • Updates on the addresses from politicians regarding the pandemic;
  • Official information for those who believe they may be infected;
  • Tips on how to stay active and healthy when you’re self-isolating;
  • Tips on how to survive being isolated with your family for a long period of time;
  • Myths and facts about the coronavirus.

And that’s not all! You can not only learn everything you need to know about the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria and around the world, but also communicate with fellow Nigerians about the news. Discuss the updates with people who live in the same situation as you and support each other through this tough time!

3. Official sources of information

If you have tried searching for coronavirus information on the internet, you know that finding genuine facts is not easy given how much false and inflated information is being spread and how panic often substitutes real news. In addition to the Jiji Live Updates group on Facebook, you can also try these official sources of COVID-19 updates:

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  • The toll-free NCDC number – 0800-97-0000-10
  • The official website –
  • The official COVID-19 Twitter and Facebook accounts of the NCDC – @NCDCgov

Stay healthy and informed with Jiji Live Updates!

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