Federal Government Declares 2 Month Free Electricity To All Nigerians

The coronavirus pandemic, which has already infected over 1.6 million patients, is negatively affecting not only the health, but also the financial status of people around the world. With a nationwide lockdown in Nigeria, millions of people lost their source of income. Here is Nigeria’s latest initiative to help those in need.

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It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic is already taking a huge toll on the well-being of Nigerians, but many fear the worst is yet to come. With millions of citizens having little to no income with bills to pay and families to feed, the nation was in a dire need of financial assistance.

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Unfortunately, Nigeria is not at an economic stage that would allow it to give out financial help to its citizens like the US and some European countries have pledged to do. However, this week, Nigerians finally received some good news that will take some of the financial pressure from their shoulders.

We are talking about the joint announcement from the Federal Government and Nigerian electricity distribution companies, otherwise known as DisCos. The announcement is part of the Federal Government’s plan to provide relief to people affected by the pandemic in Nigeria.

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The statement promises two months of free electricity to every Nigerian. The announcement is the result of the deliberations between the Federal Government and DisCos and follows last week’s statement from the House of Representatives regarding supplying two free months of electricity to help Nigerian citizens live through the tough financial times.

The details of the implementation of the plan have not been announced yet, but we can expect them to come out next week. In the meantime, the DisCos have once again confirmed their commitment to providing the highest quality of service to every customer in the country.

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