How To Check Plate Number Owner In Nigeria

There are many situations where you need to find out who owns a certain car in Nigeria, but there are not too many ways to do it for a regular Nigerian citizen. Here are two ways to check plate number owner plus two ways to verify the licence plate in Nigeria.

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1. How to check plate number owner in Nigeria

Plate number owner is considered to be sensitive information in Nigeria and the country’s officials believe it cannot be made openly available to everyone. That is why, unfortunately, there is currently no online service where you can enter the plate number and find out who owns the car. However, there is a way to learn the owner of any car in Nigeria, but you need to have solid reasons for your inquiry. Here is how to do it:

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  1. Visit your nearest police station and describe the situation that made you look for the owner of a specific car. For example, if you have been involved in a car accident where the other driver simply fled the scene or you regularly see a certain car violating traffic regulations and endangering other drivers and passengers. It’s important to be as detailed as possible without trying to conceal any information – if you are found to be lying about your reasons for looking for the owner, you may face a penalty yourself.
  2. Request a court backed document from the police that will allow you to proceed with your quest to find the licence plate owner. While you are looking for the owner, the police will do their share of the investigation.
  3. With the court backed request in hand, visit the nearest FRSC office. The Federal Road Safety Corps is the government body that deals with these inquiries. The FRSC representatives may ask you for additional details regarding the accident, and if they find your reasoning to be sufficient and your paperwork to be genuine, they will trace the plate number in their database and give you the owner’s name, address, and other details that may help you track down the perpetrator.

So what if there wasn’t any crime but you still want to know who owns a particular car, there is only one other thing you can try – hiring a private investigator. Private investigators have their own contacts everywhere and will easily deliver you the complete information about the plate number owner. The only downside of this solution is that it’s very expensive, which is why it should be only reserved for true emergency situations.

2. How to verify a plate number in Nigeria

There are cases where you don’t need the whole information about the owner and simply want to know if the plate number is real and not fake. In that case, you can easily check this information using the FRSC website or an SMS verification system.

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To get the information from the FRSC website, visit this link and enter the plate number without spaces. The field is not case-sensitive, so you use lowercase letters for your convenience. Click the Submit button and you will instantly see the vehicle’s make, model, and colour. This amount of information should be enough to tell whether the plate number is real or fake.

Alternatively, you can use the FRSC’s SMS verification system. From your phone’s SMS menu, send a text reading “Verifyplateno AAA123BB”, where AAA123BB is the plate number in question, to number 33324. Within a minute, you will receive an SMS back with the openly available registration data of the car you are interested in.

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