Homemade Skin Brightening Remedies You Need To Try

You can have the most evenly-toned, wrinkle-free skin in the world, but when it’s dull and doesn’t have that special glow, your beautiful skin is unlikely to stand out. The good news is that skin brightening does not have to be an expensive, time-consuming procedure. Here are 5 skin brightening remedies you can easily try at home!

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1. Papaya

Papaya is more known as a delicious and nutritious fruit, but it is also an effective skin care product that is used for a variety of causes. In the case of skin brightening, the ingredient that makes papaya works wonders is papain. Papain is a powerful enzyme that gently exfoliates your skin, removes the layer of dead skin cells, and reveals your bright and glowing skin. Using papaya for skin brightening is easy: simply mash up a couple of tablespoons of papaya in a bowl, apply the mashed papaya to your skin, and leave for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing off.

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2. Honey

Honey is one of the most popular skin products to use before a skin lightening procedure. It effectively removes the skin cells and oils that prevent you from having flawless and glowing skin. But even when you are not trying to make your skin lighter, you can still take advantage of the amazing effect of honey against skin dullness. All you need is one tablespoon of honey that you need to apply to your face in a thin layer and wait up to 15 minutes. Don’t forget to use your favourite moisturizer afterwards to prevent your skin from drying.

3. Potato

Who would have thought that the humble potato is one of the best skin brightening remedies you can try at home? Even more importantly, potatoes are super affordable and can probably already be found in your kitchen. Potatoes contain valuable chemicals that not only brighten your skin and reveal its glowing texture, but also remove acne scars and give you a more even skin tone. You can simply use a grated fresh potato, but it’s possible to achieve even more impressive results with a combination of freshly squeezed potato juice and lemon juice.

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4. Coffee

Whether you are a fan of coffee or are completely indifferent to one of the most popular drinks in the world, it’s hard to argue with the fact that coffee can quickly pep you up thanks to the high content of caffeine. It turns out that you can get the same effect for your skin by using a homemade coffee skin scrub. The larger coffee particles will exfoliate your skin and improve the blood flow, while caffeine will rejuvenate and brighten up your skin like the most effective skin brightening cream.

5. Rice water

This is possibly the most unusual skin brightening treatment on our list, but thousands of women swear by the face brightening and lightening properties of rice water. Rice water removes dead skin cells, tightens the pores, cleanses your skin, and makes it glow with an even and gorgeous tone. To make rice water, you need to soak one cup of rice in one cup of water. Mix well with your fingers and leave for up to an hour. Strain the mixture and use the liquid on your face as a toner. You can add essential oil of your choice for a nice aroma and the desired effect for your skin.

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