How To Make Your Makeup Waterproof For Rainy Days

Even when it’s raining all day long, it doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your gorgeous makeup. When you spend an hour trying to achieve that perfect look, having it all destroyed by rain can be very frustrating. Here are the most effective ways to make your makeup waterproof.

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1. Use a primer

On normal days, wearing a primer underneath your foundation and powder may feel too heavy on your skin, but you get to really appreciate the effect of a primer when it’s particularly wet outside. Primer helps you make sure that your foundation stays on even in the most unfavourable weather conditions.

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2. Choose makeup for your skin type

Not all makeup products are created equal, and you can especially feel it when walking in the rain with a full face of makeup. It’s important to use the right makeup products for your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin, a foundation that was designed for dry or normal skin simply won’t hold on well enough to your face, especially when the weather is bad.

3. Get setting products

One of the most effective ways to ensure your makeup stays put during the most challenging weather conditions is to use products that were created for this purpose. Setting sprays and powders can not only protect your makeup during rainy days, but also be very useful on hot days when you sweat so much your makeup can be easily ruined without additional protection.

4. Use waterproof products

The makeup market these days is so diverse that you can find waterproof and water-resistant makeup products for all purposes and styles. From waterproof mascaras and eyeliners to water-resistant foundation and primer – when you are using makeup designed specifically for rainy days, you can go out without worrying that your stunning makeup look will turn into a nightmare the second you leave your home.

5. Go for layers

With more and more women choosing very lightweight makeup looks with as few layers as possible, this strategy may not work for you when it’s raining outside. The key here is to put several layers of makeup: for example, moisturizer+primer+foundation+powder+setting spray for your skin or eye gel+primer+base eyeshadow+accent eyeshadow+eyeliner for your eyes. The several layers will help your makeup stay in one place no matter how strong the rain is.

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6. Use tints

For many women, one of the best makeup inventions of the past decade is a tint. The most famous makeup tint is a lip tint – a highly pigmented product that can dramatically change the colour of your lips without feeling too heavy like a matte lipstick. You can use the same lip tint as a blush on your cheeks as long as you blend it in very well, while an eyebrow tint will help you achieve that perfect brow without the risk of streaking from the rain.

7. Wear double eyeliner

If cat eye or another strong eyeliner look is your favourite type of makeup, finding an eyeliner that will stay in one place during the rainy season may be difficult. The good news is that you can easily make your eyeliner remain intact all day by applying it first and then doubling the eye line with a layer of waterproof eyeshadow in the same tone.

8. Apply your makeup the right way

Lots of women prefer to apply their makeup using special makeup brushes, but while brushes give you lightweight coverage and allow you to easily blend the makeup products, they are not the best options for rainy days. What you need is a beauty blender or other types of makeup sponges that press makeup firmly to your skin and help it stay put. For your lips, cheeks, or even eyelids, you can use your fingers to get the coverage you prefer.

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