10 Businesses You Can Do With Just A Piece Of Land

Normally, starting a new business requires you to have sizable startup capital, but it’s not always possible to have it. If you have a piece of land in your possession and want to make it work for you, there are plenty of businesses you can launch on your land plot. Here are 10 most easily attainable and effective ones of them!

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1. Alternative energy

Solar and wind energy are gaining traction not only around the world, but also in Nigeria. A land plot located in a convenient place can become the ideal ground for a wind farm or solar energy farm – you can not only run the farm yourself, but also simply rent out the land to another businessman.

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2. Agriculture

There is probably not a single more popular thing to do with a vacant plot of land than growing crops. Agriculture is a labour-intensive business, but its biggest advantage is that you can do it with a minimal budget, provided that you are prepared to invest the time and effort into growing your crops.

3. Event spot

A land plot in a popular location can be easily turned into a hot event spot for festivals, conventions, and corporate events. It’s best to find one or more event companies who will use your land for multiple events during the year so that your plot continuously makes money.

4. Food market

Even if you don’t want to grow your own crops on your piece of land, you can still build a business connected to the agricultural industry. A farmer’s market, where farmers and food manufacturers sell their own produce, always attracts a lot of customers and helps your land bring a sizable profit.

5. Parking lot

Having a land plot in a highly populated area is a fantastic way to make money by turning it into a parking lot for people living or working nearby. But even if your plot is located in a remote area, you can still build a parking lot for commercial vehicles and rent out your lot to large companies.

6. Livestock farming

There are so many types of livestock you can breed on a single land plot and it doesn’t even have to be a large plot. From snails to pigs – there is the perfect kind of livestock for every size and speciality of a land plot, so you can grow your agricultural business quickly and efficiently.

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7. Park

In case your goal is not only to make money, but also to make people in your neighbourhood happier, you can build a beautiful park on your vacant land plot. If you make the access to the park free but put several food, drink, and toy vendors on the spot, you can earn money without making people pay for entrance.

8. Shooting range

Regular people, police and military workers, and other categories of individuals always need to learn how to shoot, but there are not a lot of open-air locations where they can do it. As long as your local government entity permits it, you can use your plot as a shooting range with a professional instructor.

9. Camping ground

To turn your piece of land into a camping ground, you need to mind the location and other conditions. If it’s located near the woods or the water and has a nice view and clean air, you can allow people to camp there in tents or bring their RVs to your camping ground for an entrance fee.

10. Storage

People and businesses will always need a lot of storage space and that’s exactly what you can give them with a free land plot. For individual storage facilities, you will need to build storage pots and ensure proper security. You can also launch an industrial storage space where companies will store their building materials and other goods on your land that should be convenient and secure.

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