Face Mask Fashion! Check Out These Styles You Will Absolutely Love!

Over the course of the past few months, face masks went from being part of purely medical equipment to something all humans are advised to wear in public to lower the risk of spreading the coronavirus. The good news is that face mask fashion is now a real thing, and here are 10 most beautiful or unusual face masks that can easily spice up your look while protecting your health and the health of your loved ones.

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1. Style #1

COVID-19 may have ruined graduation for millions of students around the world, but they don’t allow this little inconvenience break their spirits. The most inventive graduates are already sporting commemorative masks to tell everyone they have just graduated, and with a little design skills or access to fabric printing equipment, you can put pretty much any statement on your face mask.

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2. Style #2

While the world has agreed that the real superheroes of this pandemic are doctors and essential workers, there is nothing stopping you from becoming a superhero for a few hours with the help of a reusable face mask. From Batman and Spider-Man to all of your favourite avengers – there are dozens of superhero face masks to try!

3. Style #3

For an extremely cute take on the face mask fashion, you can go for a little handmade embroidery. These floral face masks are very feminine in style and can become the perfect addition to your favourite dress or skirt and blouse combo.

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4. Style #4

If you are a big fan of everything that glitters, you shouldn’t allow the coronavirus pandemic to prevent you from wearing what you love. Luckily, there are plenty of sequined face masks in various shades and patterns you can choose from. We personally adore this grey and silver sequined mask with a striped design!

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5. Style #5

In case you prefer wearing designer clothes from head to toes, there are tons of options for you to introduce the same designer style into your face mask collection. From genuine designer face masks that cost a fortune to affordable knock-offs that won’t break your bank, branded face masks are all the rage right now.

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6. Style #6

If you have grown tired of all the bad news and somber atmosphere of 2020, you can catch a break with an adorable beaded face mask. It can easily fit into any woman’s wardrobe and this style is actually so simple that you can transform any of your masks with the help of a needle, thread, and some colourful beads.

7. Style #7

Leopard print is one of the most controversial points in modern fashion, as people either love it or hate it. If you belong to the huge group of people who cannot live without animal prints, here is an idea on how to easily incorporate a leopard face mask into your print-inspired outfit and make everyone turn their heads as you walk by.

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8. Style #8

Patterned face masks are, without a doubt, the most popular face mask variety of 2020. There are hundreds of prints you can choose from, but few of them are as popular as the iconic polka dot print that you can get in any colour combination imaginable.

9. Style #9

Want the whole world to see your beautiful smile without increasing the risk of spreading the coronavirus? These fabric masks with a see-through plastic insert are the perfect solution! They offer all the safety of a standard face mask with a fun little touch for expressing yourself.

10. Style #10

If you are a fan of Ankara prints and can never get enough of it, you will definitely enjoy wearing an Ankara face mask. And even if you can’t find any Ankara face masks for sale, you can make on on your own even without any sophisticated sewing skills!

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