Natural Practices To Make Your Hips Wider

Full hips are considered to be the ultimate feminine feature and are coveted by millions of women around the world. If you are naturally slim and want more pronounced hips, you don’t need to undergo expensive and traumatic plastic surgery. Here are several effective and natural ways to make your hips wider.

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1. Exercise

Unsurprisingly, exercise is the second most effective solution to get fuller hips next to surgery. It goes without saying that you need to be physically active to witness some hip growth. However, the type of exercises you will be doing also matters a lot. The goal here is to look for an exercise routine that specifically targets your hips and sides. Here are the three hip exercises that work wonders:

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  • Squats. Squats are nearly impossible to beat when it comes to changing the shape of your hips. There is a variety of squats you can try to engage different groups of muscles, but consistency is key: 5 minutes of squats every day are a bare minimum you should be doing.
  • Lunges. When you do long lunges, you engage precisely the muscles you want to grow. The minimum number of lunges to do in one sitting is 20, but when you are feeling more comfortable, you can increase this number gradually.
  • Leg lifts. There are several ways to do leg lifts: you can do it while laying down on your side or while standing up. You can even mix different types of leg lifts in one workout routine for the most well-rounded results.

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2. Diet

The things you eat have a huge impact on the way you look in general, and on your hip shape in particular. Eating junk food and washing it down with a tall glass of a sweet drink will not get you any closer to your dream body. Here are the main principles of a diet for wider hips:

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  • Proteins are the most essential group of nutrients that should be present in your diet if you are aiming for fuller hips. Protein is directly involved in the formation of luscious hips. Lean beef, chicken, goat meat, fish and other seafood should become your diet staple. Eggs and beans are two other effective yet budget-friendly alternatives to expensive proteins.
  • Fats are often told to be avoided when you want to transform your body, but the truth is that you can achieve amazing results by including the right kinds of fat into your diet. Healthy fats, including nuts, avocados, olive and coconut oil, and fatty fish, improve your shape and well-being, while greasy fried foods and saturated fats will only do the opposite.
  • Carbohydrates are an essential type of nutrients that are necessary for the normal functioning of every system in your body and achieving your dream figure. Again, the type of carbs you eat matters at all. Refined sugar, plain carbs, and white bread are not your best option, while fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, and whole grain products such as pasta and bread can do wonders both for your health and shape.

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