5 Dirty Jobs That Can Make You Stinking Rich

When most of us are imagining our ideal job, we are usually thinking about a nice modern office, smart office wear, and an expensive computer at our desk. However, not all jobs are like that, and sometimes the highest paying jobs are the ones that don’t look prestigious at all. Here are 5 jobs that seem dirty but can actually make you rich.

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1. Plumber

If you have ever seen a plumber work, you can see why it’s literally considered to be a dirty job. Of course, repairing a leaky faucet or mending a hole in a pipe doesn’t look that terrible, but plumbers also deal with all kinds of stuff, including the sewage and other dirty locations. A plumber smells nasty things every day, constantly deals with dangerous bacteria and chemicals, and has to be available 24/7 if he wants to earn a competitive salary or run his own plumbing business. However, once you build your reputation as an excellent plumber, you will at least have a high income to cheer you up.

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2. Garbage collector

Collecting the garbage from individuals and businesses is an industry that is present in most countries in the world. The two good things about being a garbage collector are good pay and the fact that it doesn’t require any expensive, time-consuming education. The best-case scenario is when you drive a garbage truck and empty garbage bin into the vehicle with the help of machinery, but in most cases, you will also need to finish the job with your hands. Garbage certainly doesn’t smell nice and often leaks all over the place, but if you are willing to get used to it, soon you may be making a considerable income.

3. Miner

If you have ever seen a miner walking out straight from his shift at a mine, you know exactly why it’s viewed as a dirty job. However, it’s not just the literal dirt that makes the high pay that miners receive absolutely deserved. The mining industry is also one of the most dangerous ones in the world. Being underground for 10 or more hours, with a risk of injuries and death being substantially higher than at most other dirty jobs, is not for the weak of heart, and that’s exactly why it pays so well.

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4. Embalmer

An embalmer is a person who prepares the body of the deceased for the funeral. And if you think that it only includes putting makeup on the body and dressing the corpse in nice clothes, you are severely mistaken. A funeral usually happens a few days after the death, and to preserve the body in the best possible state, the embalmer first drains the corpse of its bodily fluids and blood and then fills it with embalming liquid. It’s not hard to imagine that this job is not something most people can handle on a daily basis, but that’s what makes it so high-paying compared to the more tame jobs.

5. Landfill worker

What happens to the garbage once it’s collected from the people? That’s right, it is then moved to a landfill, but the journey of the garbage is far from over. Once it gets to the landfill, it then needs to be moved and processed with heavy machinery or sorted out with bare hands. Needless to say, this job comes with an odour that few people can handle, as well as the general unpleasantness of working with garbage. However, if you have a stomach of steel and are not easily repulsed, this may be just the job for you.

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