Businesses You Can Start With Just Your Smartphone

Most of us believe starting a business requires a substantial startup capital, plenty of experience, and sophisticated equipment. However, while that might be true for many new businesses, there are also plenty of business opportunities that don’t need anything from you other than your smartphone and a desire to succeed. Here are 7 business you can start with nothing but your smartphone.

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1. Blogging

In 2020, there is no need to explain how lucrative blogging can be, as we have all heard of millionaires among YouTubers and Instagram bloggers. As long as you have a smartphone, a devoted fan base, and an opportunity to post engaging content regularly, you can make a career of being an Instagram or YouTube blogger, or even launch a standalone blog on WordPress or other platforms.

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2. Event planning

If you have good organizational skills, a lot of connections in the event planning industry, and a desire to help others celebrate in the most memorable way, you can run your own event planning business from your mobile phone using various scheduling and listing apps, as well as messengers to keep in touch with your customers and vendors.

3. Social media marketing

These days, it’s hard to imagine a business with zero online presence, but many businesses, while being present online, don’t do it the right way. If you are savvy with social media and know how to help businesses succeed in the online realm, you can start your own social media marketing agency with you as its sole employee and do everything from your smartphone.

4. Podcast

In the past, podcasting used to be reserved only for the most interesting personalities with unusual jobs or hobbies, but now it is open to everyone and you can record and publish your podcasts with only your smartphone as your primary tool. You can make money through podcasting with the help of advertising, affiliate marketing, or selling your own products.

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5. Photo and video editing

Photo and video content is everywhere on the internet nowadays, but photos and videos require a lot of editing that the author may not have time for. As a photo and video editor working from your mobile phone, you can collaborate with professional photographers and videographers, other businesses, or Instagram bloggers to make their content more visually striking using a variety of editing apps for smartphones.

6. Tech support

If you are good with electronics and are the person in your family and friend circle that everyone calls when their devices are acting up, you can start your own business by providing tech support with your phone. You will need a personal website detailing your services or promotional social media accounts, and then you can use messengers or calls to provide technical help to people in need.

7. Online sales

Selling stuff is still the most profitable business in the world and the good news is that you can do it with nothing but your smartphone. Take photos of the goods you want to sell, write the descriptions, post the ads, and communicate with the buyers using the right apps – for example, the Jiji app, which is completely free and is the fastest way to reach to thousands of Nigerian customers interested in your products.

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