Rings And Their Meanings On Different Fingers

Most people don’t give a lot of thought when choosing the finger to wear their favourite rings on, except for the engagement or wedding ring. However, the same ring on each finger may have a different meaning, and here are the meanings of rings on your fingers.

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1. Right hand

Even though your right hand is not usually a place to rock your most significant rings, there is still enough value and symbolism in the rings you wear on your right hand. This is the meaning of a ring worn on each of your right hand fingers:

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  • Pinky finger. The pinky on your right hand is traditionally reserved for rings that bear significance to your professional credentials or education. If you are, for example, an engineer who went to a prestigious school and were given a class ring, your pinky on your leading hand is where you should wear it at all times.
  • Ring finger. In some cultures, the wedding and engagement rings are worn on the ring finger of the right hand, but in Nigeria and most of the world, this finger does not have a lot of symbolism. However, some couples prefer to wear their wedding rings on the right hand ring finger after the divorce.
  • Middle finger. The third finger on your right hand does not have any special meaning when it comes to wearing a ring, but its placement makes it perfect for rocking eye-catching rings with large stones: they will feel both comfortable and highly visible on your third finger.
  • Index finger. The index finger of your right hand is not reserved for anything particular in Nigeria. Plus, it’s often the thickest finger and it can be tough to wear a ring on this finger without it being slightly uncomfortable. In Jewish culture, however, this is where you would wear your wedding band.
  • Thumb. Culturally speaking, a thumb does not have a lot of significance when it comes to ring wearing, but it’s a popular choice for big, statement rings or stacks of several rings, so you can let your fashion sense truly shine.

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2. Left hand

Your left hand is where you wear your wedding band, so it already has more significance than your right hand for wearing rings, but what else is there to know? Here is what wearing a ring on each of your left hand fingers means:

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  • Pinky finger. If you have a family heirloom ring, this is where you would wear it. Unless you are left-handed, your left hand is used less frequently than your right hand and your family ring will sustain less damage.
  • Ring finger. This is probably the most significant ring wearing finger in Nigerian culture. This is where you wear your wedding band, and many couples prefer to wear an engagement ring prior to the wedding there as well.
  • Middle finger. Unlike your right hand middle finger, the left hand middle finger has a lot of significance in Nigerian ring wearing culture. Many women wear their engagement rings on this finger: that way, they will not be confused with wedding bands and will catch the most attention.
  • Index finger. A ring worn on an index finger of the left hand does not mean anything in particular in terms of your marital status or profession. However, it’s a popular choice for men who have rings that they hold dear but are not using as engagement or wedding rings.
  • Thumb. There is no special meaning of a ring being worn on your left hand thumb, but the location and use of that finger makes it ideal for rocking large rings with bulky detailing – that way, the ring won’t get in the way of anything and will be instantly visible.

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