7 Signs You Might Have A Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones are responsible for numerous processes in our bodies, including the way our other systems function and even the way to look and sound. Usually, you can only learn your full hormonal profile if you run a series of blood tests, but here are the 7 most telling signs that you possibly have a hormonal imbalance in your body.

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1. Insomnia

If you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep during the night, the reason for your insomnia may be the lack of progesterone, the female fertility hormone. Other symptoms of low progesterone linked to sleep are night sweats and hot flashes, which can both significantly lower your quality of sleep.

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2. Weight changes

A rapid increase in your weight, especially when the fat is accumulated on your stomach and back, is a common symptom of a hormonal imbalance. In that case, weight gain is often paired with other symptoms. However, rapid weight loss should also make you consider your hormone levels.

3. Skin problems

We normally associate acne with a younger age, but it’s also surprisingly common in adults. In many cases, it is triggered by a hormonal imbalance and usually occurs just before or during your period. Having serious acne as an adult, as well as severely dry or itchy skin despite a good skin care regimen, is a reason to see your doctor and talk about your hormones.

4. Infertility

This is one of the most telling signs of a hormonal imbalance. If you are actively trying to conceive for over a year with no desired result, your doctor will probably check your hormones as one of the most likely causes. Infertility in women can be caused both by the lack of certain hormones or the abundance of others, and is generally a very complex issue.

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5. Irregular periods

For most women, the menstrual cycle lasts between 21 and 35 and should be regular, meaning that each cycle lasts the exact same number of days. If your period is often late, your period lasts more than 7 days, you experience heavy bleeding, or you don’t experience periods for several months at a time without being pregnant, these can all be symptoms of a hormonal imbalance.

6. Excessive sweating

Sweating is a completely normal process for people, especially when the weather is hot or you are doing some physically demanding labour. However, if you often find yourself soaking wet when the weather conditions are normal and you are not doing anything physically intensive, especially when it happens during the night, it can be a sign that your hormones need a check.

7. Physical changes

You see yourself in the mirror every day, but some of the hormonal changes happening to your body may be less obvious to you than to other people. You should consider your hormonal levels when you develop thicker and darker facial and body hair, when a bulge of fat appears between your shoulders, or when your voice suddenly becomes deeper – developing masculine features is another telling sign of a hormonal imbalance.

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