Top 10 Major Markets In Nigeria And Their Locations

Despite the prevalence of malls and online shopping, there are many situations where people prefer going to the market. Markets offer you a unique selection of products, an opportunity to negotiate and meet interesting people, and even sell your own products. Here are 10 busiest markets in Nigeria and where they can be found.

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1. Computer Village Market

The Computer Village Market in Ikeja, Lagos state, is the go-to place for electronics for millions of Nigerians. At this market, you can buy any electronic product you can think of, from smartphones and tablets to gaming consoles and LED TVs.

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2. Ariaria International Market

The Ariaria International Market, which is located in Aba, Abia state, has achieved notoriety as a place where you can find replicas of all kinds of fashionable products. Although for years the average quality of goods sold there left a lot to be desired, it is now expanding its selection of high-quality authentic Nigerian goods.

3. Mile 12 Market

The Mile 12 Market, located in Lagos, is mostly known for its impressive range of affordable farm products and food products. Until recently, the Mile 12 Market was not a particularly pleasant place to visit, but after a reconstruction, it has not even more charm in the eyes of the buyers.

4. Oil Mill Market

The Oil Mill Market can be found in the oil capital of Nigeria – Port Harcourt in Rivers State. This is an all-inclusive market where foodstuff, clothes, and electronics are sold by hundreds of sellers. Every Wednesday is a sales day at the Oil Mill Market and a great opportunity to buy the goods you need with a discount.

5. Jos Main Market

The Jos Main Market is one of the biggest hubs for sellers and buyers in Plateau State. It used to be the biggest indoor market in West Africa, but now the indoor part is barely functioning. However, there are still lots of sellers in the Jos Main Market and you can find a variety of clothing, shoes, cosmetics, and other goods there.

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6. Alaba International Market

The Alaba International Market in Lagos attracts not only Lagos natives, but also people from neighbouring states thanks to its selection of electronics and home appliances, as well as competitive prices and a high chance of a bargain. The Alaba International Market is also known as a place where you can buy Nollywood movies.

7. Balogun Market

The Balogun Market, located in Marina, Lagos, is an attractive destination for buyers for several reasons. First, it offers an unparalleled selection of goods and great deals. Second, it is known for selling every type of clothing fabric you can imagine. Third, it has a buyer-friendly design and engaging sellers.

8. Bodija Market

If you are an Oyo State native, you are probably already aware of the Bodija Market in Ibadan. For millions of people living in the state, the Bodija Market is one of the most popular spots to buy foodstuff and everything you need to create a comfortable home.

9. Zaki Biam Yam Market

The Zaki Biam Yam Market in Ukum Council, Benue State, has achieved notoriety for selling just one major category of produce – yams. Whether you need to buy yams in large quantities to resell them at your own location or you simply want to replenish the stock of yam at your home, the Zaki Biam Yam Market is definitely worth a visit.

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10. Onitsha Main Market

The Onitsha Main Market in Anambra State is the biggest and busiest market not only in Nigeria, but also in West Africa. It’s hard to name a group of products that is impossible to find at the Onitsha Main Market. However, if you are planning a visit to Onitsha, you need to allocate a whole day to the shopping and be ready to get exhausted by the end of your trip.

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