Ebuka Obi-Uchendu Fashion Styles You Will Love

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is a famous TV personality that is mostly known to the fans as the host of Big Brother Naija. On top of that, Ebuka is arguably one of the best-dressed men in Nigeria who has his own style and masterfully chooses the most flattering and trendy outfits. Here are the latest Ebuka Obi-Uchendu fashion styles you will love.

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1. Style #1

Ebuka is a big fan of native wears, but as a fashion connoisseur, he also loves pairing authentic looks with modern trends. This outfit, which he wore to one of the BBN shows this season, is the best example of this approach to style.

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It’s a crazy #BBNaija Lockdown eviction night. So yeah, one look isn’t enough… Outfit: @vanskere Photos: @theoladayo

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2. Style #2

On the other hand, when the occasion calls for something more formal, Ebuka knows just the right thing to wear. This combination of a green brocade jacket, black trousers, and fancy black loafers not only suits Ebuka’s personality, but is also a strong look on its own.

Second slide is how your favorite #BBNaija housemate’s nyash will open on Sunday when you don’t vote and eviction breeze blows. Who are you saving this week?

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3. Style #3

Due to his high-demanding job, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is a master of formal wear, but he can also make even the most casual outfit look like the spread of a fashion magazine. There is nothing particularly special about the sneakers and the jeans, but the top makes the whole look work.

Do you know someone who looks like the face on my top? Oya tag them 😧 #BBNaijaReunion

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4. Style #4

It’s hard to imagine another Nigerian male celebrity who would rock a champagne-coloured glitter jacket with the same poise and confidence as Ebuka. The colours in this outfit couldn’t be a better match for each other and Ebuka Obi-Uchendu’s complexion.

Brown isn’t everyone’s favorite. And neither are evictions. But I’m here to serve both today 🤎✨ Tune in now to the first #BBNaija Lockdown eviction show. Suit: @davidwej Turtleneck: @sl__clothing Photos: @theoladayo

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5. Style #5

If there was ever a perfect outfit for strolling along the beach on vacation, it’s probably this combination of white trousers, a white hat, and an ornately decorated denim jacket. However, it will also take Ebuka’s confidence to look this good in this outfit.

Don’t rush a bop daddy

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6. Style #6

There is probably not a single fashion-conscious man in Nigeria who would refuse to wear this glorious outfit to a wedding or another important event. The burnt orange colour is perfect for autumn, and the whole outfit is executed simply flawlessly.

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Se gbogbo yin wa daada? The last 24 hours on #BBNaija have been quite intense right??? Well, tune in now to the live eviction show let’s wrap things up. Outfit & shoes: @deco_d29 Beads: @lush_jewels Photos: @theoladayo

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7. Style #7

Athleisure has never looked as cool and chic as it does on Ebuka Obi-Uchendu! The pairing of red sweatpants and white trainers is a classic one for sportswear, but the white knitted cardigan elevates the whole look and makes it perfect for running errands.

Out here for the weekend to work and play. Guess the city???

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8. Style #8

Stripes are such a timeless and universal pattern that there is probably no wrong way to use it in your outfit. However, Ebuka’s execution of a striped suit, complete with a black velvet show, is probably one of the best examples of the use of stripes.

Inspired by the colors of the Tiv culture… A’nger U Tiv ◾️◽️ See you on the #BBNaija live show stage. Outfit: @ugomonye.official Shoes: @zubairfootwears Photo: @theoladayo

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9. Style #9

There are two things we love about this suit recently rocked by Ebuka. The first one is the gorgeous fabric that feels and looks like true luxury. The second one is the impeccable fit of the suit that proves how important it is to properly tailor your clothes.

Time to host and have a good time with #AdeKani

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10. Style #10

Here is a little lesson on colour blocking from Ebuka Obi-Uchendu. Black trousers plus a stiped jacket in pastel colours equal one of the best things a guy could wear. Pastels make this look perfect for spring, so you may start planning your spring wardrobe now!

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Went from a sailor to a colorful lollipop. But don’t lick sha ‘cos the last person that did, don born 2 on top the matter 😆🍭

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