Traditional Couples Matching Outfits You Would Love

A couple that dresses in matching outfits has one more way to showcase their love and strong bond to others. There are hundreds of options when it comes to matching looks for couples, but Nigerian women and men prefer native wears for obvious reasons. Here are 10 traditional matching outfits for couples you will love!

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1. Look #1

Black and gold is one of the most classic colour combinations that looks equally elegant and appropriate on ladies, gentlemen, and even little children. This is a look you cannot go wrong with when you are styling your family for an adorable photoshoot!

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2. Look #2

Ankara is an extremely popular type of traditional outfits and the one that is present in nearly every Nigerian wardrobe. The good news is that there are virtually no limits when it comes to choosing the colours for your Ankara outfit, so you can easily find a pattern you both like.

3. Look #3

One of the most popular occasions for couples to rock matching outfits is their own wedding. Nigerian weddings are an amazing display of native wears, but none of the guests typically look as stylish, trendy, and close to one another as the bride and the groom in their matching traditional outfits.

4. Look #4

A good pair of matching outfits does not need to be completely identical – following the same theme is usually enough to achieve the necessary effect. In this case, the couple went for very similar tops but different bottoms made from the same fabric, and the result looks stunning to us.

5. Look #5

Ankara is often thought of as the perfect fabric for a special occasion outfit, but the great thing about it is that it can also shine in casual looks. These matching sweatshirts with a prominent use of Ankara can become your new favourite piece to wear every day.

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6. Look #6

Here is a genius way to wear completely matching Agbada outfits while still adding a standout feature to the woman’s outfit in the form of a black sash. Even the headwear is a total match and makes us love the whole look even more.

7. Look #7

This couple’s outfits appear different at first, but a closer look at them reveals that they only slightly differ in the colour of the stones, while the background colour and the pattern of the stones are totally similar. This is another way for the man and the woman to stand out with their fashion choices while still rocking matching outfits.

8. Look #8

Some of the best examples of matching outfits for couples are the ones where you can wear the pieces not only to the photoshoot or a one-off important event, but also every day of your life if you want to. The use of Ankara in this couple’s look is not only beautiful, but also very practical.

9. Look #9

Cool, trendy, perfect for a young couple, and made with traditional Kente fabric – what more could you want from a pair of matching bombers? This is an addition to your wardrobe that will definitely find a place in so many of your outfits!

10. Look #10

And even if one of you wants to go all-in with your new native outfit and the other one wants to be more understated in his choice of a traditional look, with a skilled tailor, you can make all of that happen! This is one of the best uses of the same fabric in two matching outfits for a couple we have ever seen!

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