All GSM and CDMA Numbers Prefixes in Nigeria

As a Nigerian mobile service subscriber, you probably know your own mobile number prefix and the prefixes of your family members and closest friends. However, the mobile network in Nigeria is bigger than you can imagine and no one can remember dozens of prefixes and who they belong to.

Keep in mind that since 2013, Nigerian customers have been able to transfer their phone numbers to other service providers, so the prefix isn’t always indicative of the service provider. However, those cases are not that common and you can usually tell which provider the number belongs to from the prefix alone. When you need to know who is the service provider for a specific phone number, here is your all-encompassing cheat sheet!

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1. Airtel

As one of the biggest mobile service providers in Nigeria, Airtel has 9 prefixes that are used by Airtel customers all over the country.

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  • 0701
  • 0708
  • 0802
  • 0808
  • 0812
  • 0901
  • 0902
  • 0904
  • 0907

2. Glo

Glo is fairly popular with the customers and has been regularly expanding its network for the past several years. Today, Glo owns 7 prefixes in Nigeria, and here they are:

  • 0705
  • 0805
  • 0807
  • 0811
  • 0815
  • 0905
  • 0915

3. MTN

MTN is currently one of the most popular service providers in Nigeria and its list of prefixes is bigger than that of any other mobile service provider. Along with MTN’s own prefixes, this list also includes several prefixes that used to belong to Visafone, which was acquired by MTN a few years ago. These are the current MTN prefixes:

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  • 0703
  • 0706
  • 0803
  • 0806
  • 0810
  • 0813
  • 0814
  • 0816
  • 0903
  • 0906
  • 07025 (ex-Visafone)
  • 07026 (ex-Visafone)
  • 0704 (ex-Visafone)

4. 9mobile

9mobile, which was known as Etisalat until 2017, is a Nigerian mobile service provider that has a smaller but loyal customer base. Customers have stayed with 9mobile for years, and here are the prefixes that will instantly tell you whether someone is a 9mobile subscriber:

  • 0809
  • 0817
  • 0818
  • 0909
  • 0908

5. Other providers

Besides the four major players in the Nigerian phone service market, there are several other companies that steadily provide service to Nigerian customers. They may not own a lot of prefixes or have millions of subscribers, but they have won the patronage of customers to value their level of service. Here are all other prefixes you can find in Nigeria:

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1. Multi-Links

  • 07027
  • 0709

2. Ntel

  • 0804

3. Smile

  • 0702

4. Starcomms

  • 07028
  • 07029
  • 0819

5. ZoomMobile (ex-Reltel)

  • 0707

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