Check Out The Nigerian Celebrities Doing The Trending #BussItChallenge

The #BussItChallenge is the first major challenge of 2021 and it has already attracted a lot of famous participants. The challenge is another way to have fun at home, which is definitely a necessity since the spring of 2020. Here are our favourite Nigerian celebrity renditions of the #BussItChallenge!

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The idea behind the #BussItChallenge is fun and light-hearted. The challenge originated on TikTok, but you can also find it trending on Instagram. To participate in the #BussItChallenge, you need to upload a video made from two different videos. In the first one, you need to dance casually in your loungewear to Nelly’s Hot In Herre song. For the second video, you need to wear your finest outfit and dance like your life depends on it to Erika Banks’ Buss It song. Edit the two videos together, add the #BussItChallenge hashtag, and your creation will appear alongside the celebrity attempts at the challenge. Here are our favourite celebrity recreations of the trend.

1. Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa’s recreation of the #BussItChallenge was as stylish as the lady herself. In addition to her fabulous outfits and her enviable dancing skills, we also got a peek at her trendy interior.

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2. Laura Ikeji

As a Nigerian celebrity who got her lucky start on the internet, Laura Ikeji is certainly no stranger to online trends. Her #BussItChallenge carries a lot of Laura’s personality, and the interesting fact about it is that it’s actually her second attempt at the challenge – she deleted the first one because she wasn’t fully satisfied with it.


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3. Uriel Oputa

The Nigerian music artiste and former Big Brother Naija contestant Uriel Oputa did not stand aside from the #BussItChallenge. She used this opportunity to not only showcase her killer dance moves and her comedic chops, but also her impressive figure.

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4. Mercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe’s fans were delighted when the esteemed actress took part in the #BussItChallenge. Like everything Mercy does, her rendition of the trend was stylish, flawlessly executed, and featured both her impeccable style and her lovely interior.


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5. Stephanie Coker

As a mum to a one-year-old daughter, Stephanie Coker is constantly looking for new creative ways to incorporate her baby girl into her social media activity. That is why her version of the #BussItChallenge is more adorable than the rest, but still features Stephanie’s amazing dance moves.

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