How To Reduce Your Car’s Fuel Consumption

Rising fuel prices are one of the most discussed topics on the news and among car owners. You want the convenience of being able to drive anywhere on your car, but you don’t want to spend a sizeable portion on your budget on fuel. Here are 7 effective ways to reduce your car’s fuel consumption.

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1. Correct your tire pressure

For every car, there is the perfect tire pressure that not only keeps your car moving smoothly, but also keeps your fuel consumption at an acceptable level. When your tires are deflated, the car begins consuming more and more fuel. Monitor your tire pressure at all times and quickly correct it when it’s out of order.

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2. Be a sensible driver

When you are driving, you often get the urge to speed, pass other cars, and generally act like you are participating in a car race. However, while this behaviour can be thrilling, it also makes your fuel consumption skyrocket. The most fuel-efficient way to drive is to keep your speed at or below the speed limit in your area.

3. Avoid idling

If your car is often running but you are not going anywhere – for example, when you are waiting for someone to board the car – your fuel consumption is the same as always but your mileage is a total zero. When you need to wait for something or someone for more than a minute, it’s best to switch off your engine and instead spend an extra few seconds turning it off when needed.

4. Get rid of excess weight

The more weight your car needs to carry around, the more fuel it’s going to consume. You can reduce excess weight in your car by removing unnecessary items from your boot and the seats, including a children’s car seat when it’s not needed. Removing a roof rack can also help you shed some excess weight. Plus, you can stop filling your fuel tank completely and only buying as much fuel as needed for a short period of time.

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5. Try coasting more

Constantly accelerating and using breaks while driving not only makes your car’s components wear out faster than normal, but also leads to increased fuel consumption. Coasting is a driving technique that takes patience and training, but it will pay off in more ways than one.

6. Consider your route

You probably have one or more destinations you have to drive to, such as work, supermarket, or your children’s school, more often than to other places. You may have a route you consider to be the shortest one, but if it’s filled with traffic lights, stop signs, crossroads, and other potential obstacles, your fuel consumption may improve if you go for a seemingly longer route that doesn’t have all those obstacles.

7. Drive less when possible

This may seem like a very obvious tip, but reducing your driving hours can do wonders for your fuel consumption. Carpooling with your co-workers once or twice a week, scheduling grocery shopping for when you drive home from work instead of driving there separately, and walking on foot or using public transportation whenever possible will help you dramatically reduce the amount of fuel your car consumes.

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