Android or iPhone? Truth Revealed

Group of friends sitting in schoolyardPerhaps one of the biggest questions when choosing a new phone is whether to go for Android or iPhone. You will find tons of articles saying and iPhone is the only choice, and another ones saying you should ditch them and get an Android.

No matter what the articles might say, iPhones are selling like hotcakes and more and more new phones with Android come to the market. Both sides seem to have valid reasons supporting their choice and yet there is still no definite answer. So, what should you choose when looking for a new phone?


Why you should choose iPhone:

The best appsapple-logo

Mostly all developers when coming up with a new app try to make one for iOS first and they often make it of much better quality and design. Yes, there are plenty of apps for Android from famous providers, yet no one can argue with quality check on iTunes.

– Customer Support 

When it comes to fixing or consulting its users, Apple customer support beats any Android phone market. The main reason for that being that the developer and manufacturer of the phones is the same company.

– TouchID sensor

No matter how hard they try, no one has managed to beat Apple’s finger print sensor. Since Apple bought the company called Authentes, that makes the best finger print sensors for mobile phones, no other sensors have managed to become as accurate.


– Amazing design

Unfortunately, with a very few exceptions, there are not as many gorgeous Android phones. Apple spends a lot of money and time on making their phones look amazing.

– Apple Pay

There are many features that make iPhone worth buying, and Apple Pay is one of them. This system is currently becoming one of the fastest growing mobile payments platform that is very easy to use and is getting more and more popular among retailers.

Future with iOS

A new platform HomeKit lets you control many appliances in your home, making the future happen today. You will soon be able to control lights, kitchen appliances with just a few slides. We bet that the market will soon be featuring lots of gadgets approved by HomeKit.

– Parent control

iOS 8 came with a new added feature – Family Sharing, that lets you not only share books, apps with other members of your family, but also restrict use of certain apps that you find inappropriate for your kids.

A black woman lying in bed using a cell phone. --- Image by © Michael Poehlman/Corbis

– Camera 

There are very few Android phones that have the same quality camera as iPhone does. iPhone 6 camera can not only take great photos, but is able to shoot slow-motion videos as well as time-lapse. Furthermore, there are rumors that the next iPhone will have a camera with DSLR quality.

– Up-to-date software 

When the updated version of the software is available, iPhones will automatically allow you to install it and get the best updates. Unfortunately, with your Android phone you will have to wait for your phone producer to make the software compatible with your phone.

Why you should choose Android:

android-logo– Money saving

Android has much more cheaper options for you to choose from. Sure, Apple phones are of high quality, but you can get the same with Android phones for a better price.

– Memory storage 

When you buy and iPhone, you are stuck with the memory size you got when you paid the money. However, most Android phones come with a microSD card slot that allows you to get more and more storage space.

– Choice

No one can argue with the fact that when choosing a new phone on Android you are getting far better options than choosing a memory size and going for black or white. More and more companies come up with amazing phones that suit any need.


– Battery 

Most Android phones let you to replace a battery when yours is out of order. You cannot do that with iPhone.

– Remote control

There is a bunch of Android phones that come with an infrared blaster on the top that lets you use it as a remote control (LG G3, Galaxy S5, HTC One).

– Filing

When you download a picture from various messages, e-mails, apps, your Android phone saves it to separate folders allowing you to easily find them. Moreover, when you plug-in your phone to your PC you can easily control the files with simple drag-and-drop.

– Music

You can get new music on your phone from wherever you want, as Android does not care where it comes from. However, iPhone will let you get music only from iTunes.

– Charging 

Most Android phones can be charged with the help of any micro-USB cable. If you want to charge your iPhone, you should get Apple’s “Lightning” cable.

– Apps

Android lets you download its apps directly from its website. To do the same with your iPhone you will have to launch iTunes or App Store to get it.

– Switch User

Some Android phones let you set multiple user accounts on your phone or tablet that is great if you are sharing it with your co-workers at the office.

– Unlock Screen

There are several unlocking options available on most Android devices including patterns, face unlocks and of course, passwords. Instead, iPhones come only with password and fingerprint unlock.

Fancy-Widget-Pro-Home-Screen-Widgets– Customization

Android phones let you to customize it much more than an iPhone. You can add widgets to your home screen, add a bunch of apps that will sort your applications for example.

– Multiple apps

Quite a few Android phones let you open and see multiple apps at once on your screen.

– Notifications

It is much easier not to miss on what is important with your Android phone as all of the notifications are at the top of the screen.

– Android on TV

Philips has recently created a TV operated with Android. This TV is rumoured to be the smartest TV there is.

All in all, here we have collected the most noticeable pros and cons for iPhone and Android, and we hope this article will help you make a good choice. If you have anything more to add to this article, be sure to leave us a comment and we might add it to our list.