How to live 35 years longer?

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Life expectancy is a very actual problem for Nigerians. You know, Nigeria took one of the last places in the world by this indicator. wants Nigerians live happy long life, so prepares new important tips for you.

Genetics or environmental conditions can’t make from person a long-liver more than the right lifestyle and healthy habits. So, we remind you the basic rules that will add many years to your life.

Have a lot of friends ( +7 years )

More friends is better (and healthier). In one study, which was attended by 1477 people of seventy years, was found that the availability of a wide circle of friends has helped extend the life of up to seven years. Perhaps, friends just help through difficult times, but biochemistry also plays a role here.


“Friendship actually increases the production of oxytocin” – say researchers. Oxytocin (a hormone of hugs) has a calming effect on the brain and can be one of the reasons responsible for the normalization of blood pressure, reduction of excess weight, faster recovery from disease.

Work standing up ( + 2 years )

Forget about your chair! A day, that was spent sitting increases the risk of dying within the next three years by 40% , even if you exercise.

When you sit , your circulation slows down, you burn fewer calories and your metabolism deteriorates.

Susan Block, professor of American Council on Exercise and director of California Health & Longevity Institute

So work standing as often as possible. Published in 2012 in the BMJ open study has found that reducing your sitting time to less than three hours a day can increase life expectancy for two years.


So, standing workplace, breaks, walking, refusal of the car on the way to work, walk on foot to the floor and so on.

Clean teeth ( + 6 years )

It sounds surprising, isn’t it? But putrefactive bacteria from your mouth can cause inflammation in the body, increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and even autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Even using of dental floss every day for six months, can significantly decrease levels of C- reactive protein, a marker of inflammation, which increases the risk of many sickness.International Heart and Lung Institute. Thus, the paramount importance of oral hygiene and regular flossing can add 6.4 years to your life.

Researcher MD Michael F. Roizen from Cleveland Clinic



Raw vegetables ( + 2 years )

Your mother was right: vegetables are really useful. A person, who eats at least 60 grams (about 1 cup) of vegetables per day, will live an average for two years longer than people, who don’t do this.


Although boiled vegetables, as raw, are very good for your health, but …

Raw vegetables have a stronger effect. Culinary processing (especially boiling) might remove up to 50 percent of the antioxidants contained in many vegetables.

Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers Preview

Positive thoughts ( + 7 years )

The science confirms, that we have long suspected: a positive view on life and laughter can actually help you live longer.

People with a positive view of aging live more than seven years longer, than those who worry about everything.

Study by Yale University

Positive thinking helps our brain longer not be aging, improves memory, helps prevent depression and struggles with Alzheimer’s disease.



Moreover, the simple act of laughter reduces level of the stress hormone cortisol is not worse than drugs.

Nuts ( + 3 years )

When Loma Linda University studied the dietary habits of 34 000 Seventh-day Adventists (they are known for their longevity), they found that those who ate nuts five days a week, lived on average 2.9 years longer.

Nuts lower the risk of high blood pressure, insulin resistance, high cholesterol, heart rate and unstable diabetes. Moreover, the high content of protein and fat may cause a feeling of satiety and contribute to weight loss.

Control your weight ( + 3 years )

Body Mass Index (BMI) is your barometer of correct physical state. You can calculate by dividing weight in kilograms by the square of height in meters.


If you get the number from 25 to 35, it means that you might shorten your life for three years, – say researchers at the University of Alabama. If BMI greater than 35, – it indicates that you have one of the stages of obesity.


Excess body fat increases the risk of many complex sickness, such as stroke, colon cancer and a whole bunch of opportunistic diseases.

Exercise ( + 5 years)

Regardless of the type of exercise, any physical activity will help you live longer.

A study conducted by National Cancer Institute surveyed 654 827 people aged 21 to 90 years . It founds that exercise add for us an average of 4.5 years. As you can see, no sensations and rejuvenating apples in this list there are not.


All of this are the different variations in general what we have heard, seen and known. It remains only to start or continue to do all above.

Use at any age – buy,sell, enjoy!